BCW launched new mechanism for propelling people’s action

By Kingsley Odii

The Move to Action framework is built upon the understanding that simply communicating a message is not enough to inspire action. It emphasizes the need to identify and address the underlying motivations, values, and barriers that prevent people from taking action.

According to BCW’s global chief brand officer, Rebecca Grant; “values are formed in adolescence and stay fairly stable over time; they are what I like to call ‘persistent truth’, more constant than attitudes, opinion or emotions.

“When business and brands root their communications in shared values that cut across generations and demographics, they can navigate complexity, uncertainty and change and sustain long-term engagement.

The framework consists of three key stages: Inspire, Ignite, and Influence. In the Inspire stage, communicators are encouraged to create a compelling narrative that resonates with their target audience’s emotions and values. By tapping into these emotions, organizations can capture people’s attention and inspire them to care about the issue at hand.

In the Ignite stage, the focus shifts to providing individuals with the necessary tools and resources to take action. This includes clear calls to action, empowering messages, and practical guidance on how to make a difference. By offering concrete solutions and pathways for engagement, organizations can overcome the barriers that often hinder people from getting involved.

The final stage, Influence, centers on creating a positive and supportive environment that encourages others to join the cause. This involves fostering a sense of community, leveraging social proof, and providing platforms for individuals to share their experiences and advocate for change.

BCW’s Move to Action framework is a comprehensive approach that considers both the emotional and cognitive aspects of human behavior. By understanding what motivates and inhibits action, organizations can develop communication strategies that effectively drive positive change.

With the launch of this new framework, BCW aims to empower organizations and individuals to move beyond passive engagement and truly mobilize people towards impactful action. By harnessing the power of communication, the Move to Action framework has the potential to create lasting change in various areas, from social issues to environmental sustainability.



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