Tiger Beer drives 30% growth for NB Plc premium brands

By Joseph Ekeng

Tiger, the renowned international premium beer brand, has achieved remarkable success as the fastest-growing beer brand in Nigeria, experiencing a nearly twofold increase in sales volume in 2021.

The impressive performance has been sustained in 2022.

This achievement solidifies Tiger’s position as one of the key players assisting Heineken, the world’s second-largest beer producer, in penetrating Africa’s most populous country. With a population of approximately 200 million, the majority of whom are under 30 years old, Nigeria represents a crucial market for Heineken’s expansion plans.

Roland Pirmez, the President of Africa, Middle East, and Europe at Heineken, stated, “Tiger continued its successful roll-out in Nigeria, making it the third biggest Tiger market globally and the biggest outside the Asia Pacific region.” The remarkable growth in Nigeria can be attributed to the increasing adoption of Tiger, which contributed to a 30% surge in the volume of the company’s premium brands. This growth was further bolstered by the strong performance of Heineken and the successful introduction of the Desperados brand in the Nigerian market.

Pirmez emphasized the attractiveness of the Nigerian beer market, citing its high growth potential and improving macroeconomic environment. Heineken recognizes the tremendous opportunities presented by Nigeria, and their strategic focus on the country aligns with the positive trends and promising outlook.

In its quest to connect with young African consumers and capitalize on the surge in investment and volume growth, the world’s second-largest brewer has adopted an innovative approach. Heineken is leveraging sports and entertainment as avenues to engage and resonate with the younger demographic. This strategy allows the company to forge strong connections and build brand loyalty among Nigerian consumers, who have exhibited a keen interest in both sports and entertainment.

As Heineken continues to invest in the Nigerian beer market and leverage its diverse portfolio of premium brands, Tiger’s rapid growth is poised to continue, further solidifying its position as a dominant player in the Nigerian.


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