Spirit brands tussle over market share on billboards

 By Felicia Nwosu

To align with the unprecedented change in consumers’ consumption and purchasing habits, spirit brands in the Nigerian market are leveraging every available billboard (Out-of-Home) space to make bold advertising statements as well as battle for market dominance and top-of-mind awareness.

Market intelligence revealed that the competing brands are also restrategising their communication messages and identities to sync with consumer sentiment, while some go as far as positioning their brand messages very adjacent to competition in a visible tussle for mindshare.

MARKETING EDGE, Nigeria’s foremost marketing, brand-centric magazine and industry watcher, in addition to carrying a survey, spoke to experts in the Out-of-Home subsector. noticed the hot and stiff competition among these brands and why some brands are making some turning points with their entire identity pitched on massive billboards of various sizes across locations.

Tony Eguridu, General Manager, Michael Angelo Media Limited, said the stiff competition in the OOH space among distilled spirits came as a result of the rate at which new brands are emerging into the market. He noted that the brands understand how competitive the Nigerian landscape is and also acknowledge that the outdoor platforms possess an incredible market reach for every player that wants to remain in the market for a long time.

“We have a lot of influx of foreign spirit brands competing for market share in the Nigerian market, so they have to spend more on OOH to assert themselves and gain market share. The Guinness Nigeria and Nigerian Breweries Plc of this world have come a long way in the nation’s advertising industry. They have made their mark, gained and established significant market shares, so the new entrants have to gain acceptance and market shares too. So, they will want to outshine each other by being visible through the OOH and DOOH advertising space. This doesn’t come cheap,” he said.

On his part, Olawale Adegoke, Chief Executive Officer, Nimbus Media, said the reason behind the hot competition among spirit brands over billboards is as a result of the fact that the platform helps to boost brands’ status, especially premium brands that plan to sustain their position as market leaders. For such brands, leveraging OOH serves as a catalyst to boost efforts at staying ahead of the curve.

“It is because spirit brands are positioned higher and seem to be more profitable per
sale for the companies. It is the same for the agencies. The end users are the ones being targeted. Heineken has been consistent as a beer on OOH and you will notice that it sells at a higher price than other beers,” he said.

With these, spirit brands have come to realize that, to gain more market share and maintain top-of-the-mind awareness, they must become very resourceful and creative in leveraging out-of-home advertising which has become a game-changer for various brands, pushing boundaries and setting new standards for immersive captivating campaigns.


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