CURLLA redefines beauty services in Nigeria

By Kingsley Odii

The long awaited and highly anticipated opening of CURLLA, a highbrow, upscale hair and beauty salon took place on the 26th of April, 2023 at, Lekki phase 1. The event was a blend of elegance, luxury and glamour. Starting from the exterior through the interior, CURLLA exudes and exhibits an unbeatable sense of thrill, grandeur, freshness, luxury, comfort and matchless excellence.

The external and interior aesthetics of the salon is exquisite, dainty and mind blowing thus corresponding with CURLLA’s vision and ideals  of offering professional and classical beauty services delivered in an ambience of comfort, luxury and the privacy of its clients. The unique scent and aura of the salon attest to its signature opulence and comfort.

Aimed Without any form of gainsaying, CURLLA According to Lola Adedeji, CEO, CURLLA, the salon is aimed at redefining and recapturing the dignity and the spectacular image of the beauty industry in Nigeria and Africa.

“To be fair and I am not putting any organisation down, the standard we have currently is far below the global standard. I dare to say that if you go into a salon here in Nigeria, there is probably everything you need, like a big mirror, a big TV set making noise, people chatting away and not caring too much for you. They care that you are taking their services but not about you. Nonetheless, CURLLA is about you. We are customer-centric and this is our basic and operating principle”.

As a niche player in the market, CURLLA is specifically designed for the elites and the nouvre riche who are particular about the ‘where’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the beauty services they get.  Little wonder then, it is strategically situated at Lekki phase 1, the home and watering hole of the affluent in Lagos state.

It is striking to also establish that CURLLA deals only on legitimate and natural products with special reference to human hair. After all, all the products on display at CURLLA are not just exotic but. This undoubtedly is  in keeping with CURLLA ‘s ideal and brand where customers are assured of nothing less than the best in the areas of originality, comfortability and security.

At present, CURLLA limits its range of products which are restricted to the sales of original human hairs and hair treatment products at the moment. However, according to the CEO, the product offerings will be extended in soon. Services on offer at the salon include: hair treatments, facials, manicure, pedicure, barbing services for both genders and what’s more, there is an exclusive option designed for children’s treats and fanfare.

One of the hallmarks of CURLLA Salon is the possibilities for relaxation it offers. There are eye-catching sections where both regulars and the VIP customers are free to explore the options in order to maximise their satisfaction. There are exotic wines in both categories that are put in place to stimulate unparalleled sensation and exclusive relaxation.

To access CURLLA’s products and services, clients are required to pre-book online via CURLLA’s app or through their various social media platforms. This is emplaced to ensure orderliness. CURLLA also runs specialised home services, for instance, there’s CURLLA on the go, all in an attempt to meet and satisfy customer’s expectations and offer the Nigerian elites classical and world standard beauty treatments.

CURLLA is indubitably a beautiful blend of opulence, professionalism and excellence.


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