Omnicom appoints Lubar as Global CEO of DDB Worldwide

By Joseph Ekeng
In a strategic move aimed at further solidifying its position in the global advertising and marketing industry, Omnicom has announced the elevation of Alex Lubar to the role of Global CEO of DDB Worldwide. This change in leadership comes as Omnicom’s Chairman and CEO, John Wren, seeks to steer the company toward a future of continued success.
Lubar, who has a storied career in the industry, was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of DDB Worldwide in October 2022. Prior to that, he spent a decade at McCann, where he held various leadership roles, including President of McCann North America, Head of McCann’s Asia Pacific region, and CEO of McCann London.
Wren expressed his confidence in this strategic move, stating, “We are pleased to announce these changes as DDB has reclaimed its title of being one of the top creative agencies in the world, including 2023 Cannes Network of the Year.” He also acknowledged the contributions of the outgoing Global CEO, Marty O’Halloran, who will now serve as Chairman. “Marty’s dedication to DDB has made him an integral part of the network’s culture and operations,” Wren said. “With extensive global leadership credentials within the industry, we are confident that Alex, supported by Glen, will continue to elevate the network and build upon its legacy of creative excellence.”
Lubar, who is clearly enthusiastic about his new role, shared his vision, saying, “Since its inception, DDB has unlocked the power of human emotion to make millions of different people change how they behave, feel, and transact with brands and businesses around the world.” He added, “I am honored to have the opportunity to lead Bill Bernbach’s legacy into the future with such a talented global staff and leadership team who all share the same vision.”
Glen Lomas, who has been appointed Global President and Chief Operating Officer in partnership with Lubar, brings unparalleled international client experience to the table. Having been with DDB since 1995 and serving as CEO of Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), he has a deep understanding of the network’s dynamics and a proven track record of success.
Lomas expressed his dedication to the role, stating, “It has always been a privilege to work at DDB, and it is a great honor to take on this role.” He emphasized the enduring culture of creativity at DDB, saying, “DDB has always been where brilliant, unpretentious people turn up each day to apply their creativity to solving problems.”
Outgoing Global CEO Marty O’Halloran, who has led DDB for nearly four decades and steered the network to remarkable achievements, including the 2023 Network of the Year at Cannes, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to lead DDB over the past four years. “The talent across our regions is incredible,” O’Halloran said. “As part of this orchestrated succession plan, there is no doubt in my mind Alex will continue to lead the DDB network to new heights.”
These changes mark a significant moment in the history of DDB Worldwide and Omnicom as they continue to shape the future of advertising and marketing. DDB Worldwide, part of the Omnicom Group, boasts a global presence with approximately 10,000 employees across over 140 offices in more than 60 countries.
Omnicom, a leading global marketing and corporate communications company, provides a wide range of services to over 5,000 clients in more than 70 countries. The company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry remains unwavering as it looks to the future under the leadership of Alex Lubar and Glen Lomas.


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