The Wealthy Businessman

Here’s a humorous story about a wealthy businessman as told by one of his grandchildren. Back in 1927 the businessman was bringing his wife, new baby and a nurse home from the hospital in a brand new Lincoln. As luck would have it, the car stalled on the tracks and they could hear a whistle blowing in the distance. Now, the man would rather risk his life than admit he couldn’t handle any problem.
He looked at his watch and said calmly, ”The 4:05 is right on time.” ”My baby!” screamed his wife. ”Let’s get out!” ”What! And leave a $6,000 Lincoln on the tracks!” He snapped. ”If you will just settle down, I’ll get it started.”
But nobody settled down, and the train came into view. Everyone left the car except the businessman. He leaned out the window and yelled to his wife, ”Hey Ruth. In case I get killed, the key to the vault is behind the Shakespeare book in my study.”
The conductor, slowing down for a stop anyway, managed to halt the train ten feet from the car.
”Dam!” cursed the businessman. ”Now I’ve got to find a new hiding place for the vault key!”


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