Mastercard commits to improved customer experience

By Oghale Mafuru

As consumer behaviour continues to evolve, Mastercard, a leading Digital Service company has reiterated its commitment to continue to improve consumer experiences in line with the dynamics of the world and business environment.

Speaking to MARKETING EDGE, Yosola Atere, Marketing Director, Mastercard affirmed that the marketplace has witnessed a drastic transition enabled by technology and innovative solutions adding that Mastercard has birthed solutions that respond to specific consumer needs through personalized communication, strategic analysis, and deployment.

In her words: “It is all about creating personalized strategies for each of the segments, understanding what their need points are or what their passion points are and taking a look at consumer journey and decide where you want to start engaging them and how long do you want to engage them and what are the tools that you have in your arsenal”.

Commenting on how the digital payment company has carefully tailored its offerings to suit varied payment functions while facilitating easy, speedy, and seamless transactions, Atere disclosed what Mastercard is doing in the hospitality and travel industry.

She said: “I see that we are a group of people that like to travel, and so, we have a very sort of rich offering that we are providing for our customers in the Nigerian market and it is really focusing on the unique offers that we have across different corridors, right from South Africa where we have unique offers for cardholders to experience wine tasting, to Dubai where we have unique offers within the shopping malls for cardholders to Kenya, where we have unique tourist attractions around the safari.

“Because we have all of these offerings, we bring all of them together, provide that bouquet to the Nigerian customer who enjoys traveling and wants to experience different cultures across different continents. That is what makes MasterCard, the ‘master card’, she maintained.

According to the marketing expert, the marketing landscape is no more about one-size-fits-all, hence the digital payment company is focused on narrowing down and creating a digital marketing strategy that is fit for a consumer journey to engage with the consumer more smartly and holistically.

“When you take a look at the world of marketing, you will understand that marketing is evolving. It has to evolve because the world is evolving, and the consumer is evolving too. No longer are we developing products and taking them to the consumer and saying, ‘you know we think you need this. Now, we go much more relational. It is more about how you relate with the consumer, it is more about how we engage with the consumer” She said.


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