Life Beer’s Turu Ugo Lota 2.0 exudes power of emotional connection

By Joseph Ekeng

Life Continental Beer has released a new commercial titled Turu Ugo Lota 2.0. The new campaign is a sequel to the original Turu Ugo Lota commercial, which was released in 2019. It was created to promote Life Continental Beer, a popular beer brand in Nigeria, specifically in the South East.

Ita Bassey Portfolio Manager Mainstream Larger at Nigerian Breweries described the campaign as a simple authentic take and a story about the Progress journey that speaks to Nigerians.

The commercial features a group of friends celebrating and enjoying Life Continental Beer together. It aims to capture the essence of the Nigerian spirit of togetherness and camaraderie, as well as the unique taste of Life Continental Beer.

The commercial also features the slogan “Taste the Brighter Side of Life”, which is intended to emphasize the brand’s commitment to providing consumers with a refreshing and enjoyable beer-drinking experience.

Why the campaign connects with drinkers

Life Beer’s Turu Ugo Lota campaign, which translates to “fill up your heart” in Igbo, is a celebration of the Igbo culture and the people’s spirit of togetherness. The campaign’s message resonates with consumers, reminding them of the importance of community and sharing good times with loved ones.

According to experts, consumers are looking for more than just a product. They are looking for an emotional connection, a brand that understands their needs and values. And that is precisely what Life Beer’s Turu Ugo Lota campaign offers to its target audience.

At the heart of this campaign is the brand’s commitment to meeting the needs of its target audience. “Life Beer understands that consumers are looking for more than just a refreshing drink; they are looking for a brand that aligns with their values and speaks to their emotions. By focusing on the emotional needs of its customers, Life Beer has managed to create a strong and loyal following,” Samuel Basil,. Lagos based marketing experts said

The Turu Ugo Lota campaign showcases the Igbo culture’s vibrancy and joy, while reinforcing the brand’s role as a unifying force in the community. By tapping into the deep-seated emotions of its customers, Life Beer creates an authentic and long-lasting connection with its audience.

One of the campaign’s strengths is its ability to leverage social media platforms to connect with its target audience. Through creative and engaging social media posts, Life Beer has managed to create a buzz around the Turu Ugo Lota campaign. It has encouraged users to share their experiences and stories, creating a sense of community and belonging.

In conclusion, Life Beer’s Turu Ugo Lota campaign is a testament to the power of emotional connection in marketing. By understanding the needs and values of its target audience, the brand has managed to create a campaign that resonates with customers on a deep and emotional level.


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