Experiential marketing creates lasting brand experience in consumers – Adedotun Adebowale

By Abimbola Mohammed

Adedotun Adebowale, the Executive Director, MEDIA EDGE, an avant-garde top-of-the-market Integrated Marketing Communications services provider, has said experiential marketing aims at creating a long lasting experience about a brand in the mind of its consumers.

He made this known in an interview with MARKETING EDGE magazine while stressing the need for brand owners to leverage the connection experiential marketing can create between brand and its consumers.

As much as experiential marketing is effective and measurable, it integrates with content marketing, social media and PR. Experiential marketing builds reputation and credibility, and it can change perception. Above all, experiential marketing offers consumers interactive, engaging experiences.

Speaking on consumers’ perception of a brand, Mr. Adebowale said: “Experiential marketing aims at creating a long lasting experience about a brand in the mind of its consumers. The consumer physically interacts with brands by sampling or being serviced, either way the consumer begins to warm to the brand having had a beautiful experience.”

Explaining how the process of conversion and loyalty starts, the experiential marketing specialist noted: “The process starts from awareness – trial – repeat purchase until the consumer becomes a loyalist. Brands or service providers seek to try to acquire and retain customers by building relationships and giving them positive experience with the product.”

The experiential expert highlighted how impactful experiential marketing could be on consumer’s perception and build loyal consumers using emotional connections.

“The best way to build such a relationship is to allow consumers form an emotional attachment / connection to the brand. This emotional attachment is derived from being satisfied with the brand offering. Hence there is an alignment between the brand and consumer,” he said.

He continued: “Coca-Cola’s brand essence is refreshing. Those who have a strong emotional attachment to the brand align with that claim, they see it as refreshing. Volvo is safe. People actually drive Volvo because they strongly believe in it.

Mr. Adebowale posited that brand essence is the feeling customers expect when they interact with the brand. It is that customer-perceived intangible attribute that separates the brand from the rest of the market players. Brand essence defines a company’s raison d’etre – consider it to be the soul or DNA of a brand that can be felt everywhere where the brand is present. It brings together the concepts of the company’s goals, the value proposition, and the brand values and principles.


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