IAA set to hold 5th Africa Rising Leadership Conference

The International Advertising Association (IAA) Africa and its partners – Google, CNN, Nedbank, MTN, Brand Finance, Teads & Women in Marketing – have concluded plans to hold their 5th Africa Rising Leadership Conference under the theme “Brands for Purpose, Brands for People”. The hybrid conference will be held from the 4th – 5th of October, 2022.

According to the organisers, the theme for this year’s conference will highlight brands that have not only chalked success in the areas of growth, but in their ability to make a difference to their consumers and economies.

In a statement, IAA said: “Over the decades, centuries perhaps, the Africa continent has been described and perceived in many lights. However, two words that jump out and aptly describe the continent are Resilience and Adaptability. In recent times Africa has proven to be these and more. The continent’s heart continues to beat notwithstanding the exigencies.

“In our world today, strong brands have survived as a result of being resilient, adaptable, and innovative amongst others, so as to deliver their promise to the consumer. IAA Africa Rising has reached the fifth rung on its climb and is still rising.”

The two-day conference will feature some of the most skilled speakers and panelists from Africa and the world who will share their knowledge and experiences.

Some key speakers for this year’s conference include:


The statement further said, “It is worth emphasizing that Africa and the world by extension have had to battle with the global pandemic. Admittedly, Africa has fared quite well in certain areas; however, its economies have not been spared.

“The flip side of the pandemic nevertheless exposed numerous untapped potentials that some brands have since capitalized on, promoting social good within communities, and rekindling brand love among consumers as a result. Consumers are demanding more from brands amidst the myriad of choices and options available to them.

“Some brands are now engendering positive perceptions and supporting these with real action. The Consumer’s ship that accepted the concept of ‘brand sell’, in the days of old sailed long ago. Even now what the brand tells is sounding like a broken record to the consumer, who now appears to be more inclined to how well the brand makes them feel. The proliferation of social media platforms is pointing to this paradigm shift, and the learning is that brands that are built for purpose are brands that are loved by People. This is where we are headed today, and the hope is that we will make the most of it.”


The International Advertising Association (IAA), the global compass provides the right road map on thought leadership in the marketing communication space and is the unique platform that creates the avenue to rub minds, with some of the best brains in marketing, communication, media, finance and education, who are aligned with the ethos and values of the IAA and its global conferences. It can be stated explicitly that the IAA Africa Rising sessions have been greatly beneficial, in respect of the priceless knowledge and invaluable information that participants have gained and shared over the period.

The IAA and its partners (Brand Finance & Women in Marketing) welcome you to the 5th Africa Rising Leadership conference which is bringing the African continent together on a stage that will highlight brands that have not only chalked success in the areas of growth but in their ability to make a difference in their communities.


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