Amusan: the next new big brand to reckon with

By Felicia Nwosu

Tobi Amusan, Nigeria’s latest world record breaker in Commonwealth Games is gradually becoming a strong brand to reckon with, not just within the continent, but across the globe. The sports champion, having broken another world record, emerging a gold winner in the 100m hurdles event at the ongoing Commonwealth Games, while setting a new bar for games with a record of 12.30 seconds in the process, has gradually re-positioned her brand equity in the eyes of global companies. This remarkable feat, blended with her recent victory some few weeks back, when she broke the World Record with her 12.12 seconds semi-final win before going on to win the world title in Oregon with 12.06s wind-aided time, has further added an edge to her brand as she is smoothly building enthusiastic fan base fueled by a newfound fascination with her craft.

Her journey to stardom took several grilling hours of daily strenuous workout and practice has finally paid off. Soon, she will start reaping the sweet rewards of those rigorous work in the form of brand endorsement. Amusan, like the biblical rejected stone, which later became the cornerstone will soon be the most sought-after for endorsements by global brands. Following her victory, some big brands in Nigeria have continued to show their solidarity with various congratulatory messages including those that rebuffed the campaign targeted at investing in her and her colleagues.

The first African to win a gold medal at the World Athletic Championship in the women’s 100m hurdle, through her success, is developing a strong brand story and brand personality that is redefining her brand equity in today’s sports world. Now, many brands are keen to ride on her success while sports lovers are keenly watching to see who will make the first move.

Kola Oyeneyin, founder, Venia Group in his excitement over the victory said, “We preach and say when your season of appearance comes, all of a sudden the whole world knows your name. Once it starts, even you can’t stop it. Tobi Amusan is an example of that right now. As the commentator said, she’s forgotten how to lose. In just two weeks, Tobi Amusan:

– World Champion
– World Record Holder
– Commonwealth Champion (Hurdles)
– Commonwealth 4 x 100m Champion
Amazing! I hope this encourages someone to keep putting in the work, and remain consistent. Even God honours consistency, it’s an unbroken principle. Thank you for giving us something to cheer about. God bless her and God bless Nigeria!

Madu Ibrahim, a Lieutenant Commander in Nigerian Navy, in his comment said, “As John Wooden said “It is too late to prepare when the opportunity presents itself”…indeed Amusan’s shine is a reflection of her years of preparedness.. perhaps. if not for her preparedness, she would have missed the opportunities provided to write her name in gold…thank you, Tobi, for making Nigeria proud and for reiterating the need for adequate preparation so when the opportunity comes we wont be left biting our fingers. Enjoy your well-deserved fame and victory.”




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