Why strategy is key for SMEs, says Boye Adefila

Strategic thinking, planning and direction with top notch execution is key and critical for the growth and development of small and medium enterprises in Nigeria.

Specifically, strategy has been identified as pivotal for the growth and profitability of contemporary business endeavors in the highly competitive market situation.

These hints were dropped recently by the Managing Director of Down to Earth marketing company, Mr. Boye Adefila, a renowned copy-writer turned marketing guru.

Mr. Boye Adefila noted that small businesses need more than funds to grow in order to reach their their desired goals. He said “There are two ways to get empowered, one is with funds and the other is with knowledge, a lot of people are giving funds to SMEs but just watch they would soon be back where they started again because they don’t have good enough strategy to manage the funds, the investment know how and how to position their businesses for growth”.

He also explained that the modus operandi of the experts as well as the lingua used by experts is often misunderstood by small business owners and has to be simplified for better understanding, not just for SMEs but also to the lowest cadres of business, stating that “Marketing is the foundation of every business”.

When asked about some of the challenges that may be facing small business owners, he said “it could be that they are selling the wrong products or selling the right products to the wrong clients, all these issues need marketing advisory”

As his own quota to bring about development to the Nigerian economy he said Down To Earth Marketing offers free marketing tips on social media and occasionally public trainings dubbed “marketing strategy for small business owners” with intentions to make it a weekly program by 2019 and also intend to do some webinars.

With a background in copywriting and years of being active in the IMC, there is no going back for Mr. Boye Adefila saying that “no matter where you go, marketing is critical, be it advertising, public relations or activations. Because of the way I have been trained to think as a copywriter which is to apply the analytical and creative mind, I do a lot of research and try to understand the consumer, the training i got from copywriting prepared me for what I’m doing today which is coaching, basically I came in by accident but right now the passion is to simplify marketing for small business owners”.

He started his career in marketing as a copywriter in advertising at Rosabel Leo Bunnet and then retired from advertising as head creative at insight grey from where he went to the telecommunications sector as senior communications manager at Glo Mobile in 2004. He was however to come back to the advertising sector as creative director at TBWA/concept and JWT LTC before he began his entrepreneurial journey in 2009.

Down to earth marketing is a specialized marketing firm that focuses on training professionals and non marketing professionals in the world of Integrated Marketing Communications and also equipping agency personnel and small business owners who seek to understand the concept of marketing for their businesses.



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