What inspired me to write the book “Imperfectly Awesome” – Bamigbaiye

By Felicia Nwosu

It was a heart-warming moment and celebration of success at the unveiling of the book titled: “Imperfectly Awesome, written by an accomplished marketing professional, Dr. Omotola Bamigbaiye.

At the unveiling ceremony held in Lagos, the author, Dr. Omotola Bamigbaiye, said that “Imperfectly Awesome” Embracing and becoming a wholesome you, epitomises hope and self-esteem, while also inspiring a strong message of bravery, tenacity, as well as the beauty of accepting one’s flaws.

She added that the book showcases the transforming power of resilience and the victories that come with pursuing authenticity.

“My inspiration comes from many instances in my life, the book is written in a true relational space where I am able to share my experiences and, of course, my growth trajectory as I move along my career, my home, relationship, childhood and upbringing.

“Putting a lot of that together, I realized that as I continue to take note and put it together, it became a book that inspires me because I feel that people can also learn. It is easier when you learn from other people but the experiences are yours,” she added.

Highlighting the incredible journey in an interview with MARKETING EDGE, the author explained that her greatest driving force has been her resilience which has continued to brighten and reinforce her belief with an unwavering determination.

“The resilient table is my most important highlight because, a lot of times we take space on someone else’s table. I am saying to everybody out there, bring your own table and your guest. We must also ensure that we are kind to people in whatever we do, because it is a relatable space.”

“Imperfectly Awesome”, showcases the power of embracing and becoming a wholesome you. The book is written in an honest and relatable tone, where she shares her stories of helping you love yourself, reinvent, and bloom – just the way you were designed to.

The book also explores the journey from career expectations to motherhood, relationships, and the nagging whispers of imposter syndrome. The author depicts that there’s always something to grapple with in life, indicating that the world may only play off-tune beats, but you can create your rhythm and dance to it gracefully or however else you please.

The book launch brought together many leadership icons across various sectors of the economy who came to celebrate and share the author’s experience.


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