Giant ‘X’ logo appears above Twitter’s HQ amid clash with City Admin

By Kingsley Odii

Tensions between billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk and the city administration of San Francisco have once again flared up, following Musk latest move to place a massive glowing ‘X’ logo above the headquarters of Twitter’s office. This bold action comes after previous disputes between Musk and the city’s administration regarding allegations of safety and building code violations.

The decision by Musk to install the eye-catching logo above Twitter’s office, has ignited a fresh clash between the Tesla and Space ‘X’ CEO and the city administration. The glowing ‘X’ logo, a signature of Musk’s companies, has sparked controversy and drawn attention to the ongoing rivalry between the billionaire and local authorities.

The clash between Musk and the city administration stems from past disputes over alleged violations of safety and building codes within Musk’s various ventures. These disagreements have led to legal battles and strained relations between the entrepreneur and local officials.

Musk’s decision to prominently display the glowing ‘X’ logo above Twitter’s office is seen by many as a deliberate provocation aimed at the city administration. Some speculate that it may be a symbolic gesture representing Musk’s defiance and desire to challenge the status quo.

“The structure, which lights up brilliantly in a slow blinking pattern, has also triggered complaints from Twitter’s neighbors in the area, prompting the city’s Department of Building Inspection to begin investigating” says the San Francisco Chronicle report.
As the clash between Elon Musk and the City administration escalates, the installation of the giant glowing X logo above Twitter’s office serves as a visible reminder of the ongoing feud. The situation remains feud, and the city administration response to this latest move by Musk is eagerly awaited.


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