UBA Group Head of Corporate Communications makes case for MSMEs promotion

By Kola Bola

Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) have been described as the lifeblood of communities and the engine that propels the economic prospect of a nation.

The MSMEs are more than just places to buy goods and services, as they possess economic prowess that steers the fulcrum of a nation’s economic outlook and strength.

Group Head, Marketing and Corporate Communications of United Bank for Africa( UBA), Tolu Alero Ladipo, made this known in commemoration of the United Nations MSME Day, urging the owners of small businesses “to go out there and keep showing up. You have everything it takes to win.”

Alero noted that starting these businesses goes beyond being armed with good idea, “It takes courage, determination and a lot of hard work,” adding that “Entrepreneurs pour their hearts and souls into their ventures, often facing diverse challenges along the way. Yet these business owners persevere, driven by their passion not just to survive but to thrive.”

The United Nations MSME Day, according to Alero, serves as a reminder of the jobs they create, the innovation they bring and their contribution to social cohesion and economic development.

Alero said, “Entrepreneurship today can be hard. But in turn, it can also be extremely beautiful. If you take a walk down a bustling street lined with shops and businesses, each would have its own unique story.”


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