The market relevance of re-instated Nigeria’s National Anthem

By Seun Johnson

Beyond the widespread criticism and incredulity that surround the
reinstatement of old Nigerian National Anthem, “Nigeria, We Hail Thee”, there seems to be a loaded opportunity in its lyrics and tune for players in the Integrated Marketing Communications Industry to explore.

The anthem, which was originally birthed in 1960 by the colonial masters, served as a national hymn till 1978 before it was replaced by Arise O Compatriot, composed by a Nigerian, Benedict Odiase.

After 46 years, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu signed into law recently, the bill that reinstated the old anthem following its passage at the National Assembly.

The reinstatement of the anthem was officially announced by the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, during a joint sitting of the Upper and Lower legislative Chambers to commemorate Tinubu’s first year in Office.

Since the announcement was made, Nigerians from all walks of life have been picking holes in the National Anthem, noting that it is a misplacement of priority, considering the myriad of problems that are confronting the Nation at this time.

Critically studying and analysing the lyrics of the anthem from the marketing point of view, it however appears that players in the IMC industry have just been offered a golden chance to further explore the market and connect with their audience through the initiative.

Either in content or musical accuracy, the three stanza Anthem reinforces national identity that offers advertisers the opportunity to create marketing campaigns that will evoke nostalgia and national pride. This can be particularly effective for brands that align with national heritage and culture.

It can also help products and services that are marketed with themes of unity, patriotism, and cultural heritage to resonate deeply with Nigerian consumers.

In terms of emotional engagement, the anthem is composed in a tune that offers brands the privilege to create strong emotional connections with consumers and drive loyalty and engagement. It can also be used to celebrate national achievements and milestones that can strengthen a bond between consumers and brands.

In the same vein, advertisers can create compelling content that incorporates the anthem’s lyrics and themes to invoke a sense of national pride. This can be achieved by leveraging multimedia campaigns, such as TV commercials, radio jingles, and online videos.

For offering a narrative of stability and continuity, the anthem can be highlighted in tourism campaigns to attract visitors who are interested in Nigeria’s rich history and cultural heritage. It also underscores a commitment to national unity and identity that can make the country a more attractive destination to foreign investors.

By aligning marketing efforts with the theme and value of the re-introduced National Anthem, Nigeria, We Hail Thee, brands can create powerful messages that connect deeply with both local and international audience.


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