The Hook Creative Agency names J. P. Idama as its first non-founder Creative Director

The Hook Creative Agency is thrilled to announce the promotion of J. P. Idama (JP) to the position of Creative Director. JP, a rising star within the agency, has steadily climbed the ranks, leaving his mark on countless impactful projects.

A Homegrown Leader:

JP’s story is one of rising through the ranks. He’s not just a familiar face at The Hook; he’s a driving force behind countless successful campaigns. His fingerprints are on some of our most impactful projects, including the Scarniversary campaign. While JP is also the Founder/Convener of CreativeBloc Carnival (the biggest creative GenZ festival in Nigeria), his impact goes beyond individual projects. He’s a mentor who cultivates strong, impactful creatives. As one junior colleague shared, “It’s impossible to talk about my career path without mentioning how instrumental JP has been in shaping it.”

More Than Just Creative Brilliance:

Akinwale Muse, Partner at The Hook, couldn’t be more enthusiastic about JP’s promotion. “JP’s journey is a testament to the power of focus”, Muse says. “He’s like fine wine, maturing with each year at The Hook. What started as brilliant creative talent has blossomed into an exceptional business executive and an inspirational leader who consistently champions his team.”

JP’s recent appointment feels almost preordained. Even as a Copy Team Lead, he consistently took initiative for the entire creative team, prioritizing efficiency and client satisfaction. As a senior colleague observes, “JP has been unofficially fulfilling this role for some time. This formal recognition allows the entire creative team to experience the growth and drive JP has already instilled in the copy team.”

The Future is Bright with JP at the Helm
The future of The Hook Creative Agency looks even brighter with JP as Creative Director. A colleague enthusiastically compares JP’s creativity to a “measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.” There’s no doubt that JP will lead the agency to even greater heights in terms of efficiency, creativity, and impact.

JP himself is understandably excited about his new role. “No one will get this kind of role and not be excited,” he says. He promises to lead the agency into uncharted territory, creating groundbreaking work that sets a new standard. “It’s easy to criticize,” he observes, “but it’s harder to be the change, to do the truly exceptional work.”

For JP, impact is paramount. “At The Hook, we’re driven by impact,” he states. “My mission is to ensure that every single project creates impact.”

Fun, Innovation, and a Challenge to the Industry

While dedication is paramount, JP recognizes the importance of fostering a fun and collaborative work environment. “We’re not going to stop having fun,” he says. “We’ll play more, show workings than ever before, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry. We’re going to be the envy of other agencies, not just thinking of great ideas, but actually executing them.”

JP concludes with a message to the industry: “Fear us. If you don’t fear us, check the campaign we did on ‘Fear Us’”

The Hook’s Legacy of Impact
Led by the quartet of Sam Ochonma, Akinwale Muse, Toheeb Dele-Balogun, and Adebayo Owosina, The Hook’s impact on clients over the past five years is undeniable. However, what truly sets The Hook apart is its culture, which nurtures collaboration, a steadfast dedication to problem-solving, and an intrapreneurial spirit that has cultivated generations of exceptional talent. With this foundation, The Hook is poised to continue its upward trajectory, cementing its reputation as a creative powerhouse in Nigeria and beyond.

The entire team at The Hook Creative Agency congratulates JP on his well-deserved promotion. We’re excited to see him lead the agency into a future filled with creativity, impact, and maybe a little friendly competition!


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