Teon Engine demos 3 innovative marketing tech solutions at virtual session

By Amos Oladele

Teon Engine, a leading Nigerian marketing technology (Martech) company, hosted the first series of its Demo virtual event on April 18 showcasing its innovative solutions designed to revolutionize the marketing landscape. Brand owners and managers eager to learn about Teon Engine’s disruptive products joined the event.

Funke Ogunsina, Teon Engine’s COO, set the stage by emphasizing the revolutionary potential of the products. “These intelligent, data-driven solutions will shatter outdated marketing strategies,” she declared during the virtual event. Following this introduction, the company unveiled a powerful suite of three platforms – Trendteon, Pollteon and Surveyteon.

Damola Olasunkanmi, an Associate Consultant, Digital, Teon Engine, taking center stage at the demo session, introduced the full features of the Trendteon, a groundbreaking Influencers’ engagement platform that promises to revolutionize marketing campaigns for brands and influencers alike.

Olasunkanmi described Trendteon (https://www.trendteon.com/ ) as a one-stop shop influencer engagement platform that simplifies the entire campaign process and optimizes workflow for both the brand and the influencers. “It’s designed to simplify whilst addressing the bottlenecks in managing influencer.” The platform can be used by brand and marketing managers, marketing/digital agencies, media managers, influencer marketers, brand owners, and even government organizations. On the influencer side, the platform can be used by an array of influencers and content creators-social media influencers, podcasters, content creators, and private individual who desire to impact and influence their followers to generate income,” he said.

Olasunkanmi then delved into TrendTeon’s key features. He emphasized that the platform fosters smooth communication and collaboration between brands and influencers. It also utilizes an API to provide a data-driven approach to influencer selection, ensuring the perfect match for every campaign. By streamlining the entire process, TrendTeon makes connecting brands and influencers for successful collaboration easier than ever. He concluded by highlighting the platform’s workflow optimization benefits for both brands and influencers, saving time and maximizing efficiency.

Olasunkanmi then switched gears to introduce PollTeon (https://www.pollteon.com ), a technology enabled polling platform designed to gather valuable opinions and deliver insightful analysis. This user-friendly tool, he said, is open to a broad audience, including brands and marketing teams, advocacy groups, academics, businesses of all sizes, individuals, advertising agencies, event organizers, and anyone seeking feedback.

PollTeon, according to him, offers a compelling set of features that make it the ideal choice for opinion gathering. He listed the features to include: the ability to allow users to quickly and easily create polls with a variety of question formats; the provision of comprehensive statistical analysis of poll results, giving users actionable insights; offering of incentives to those who create polls and those who respond as a way to encourage participation and increase the quality of data.

Other features according to him include the translation of complex data into clear and understandable insights, making it easy for users to grasp consumer trends and with a presence in over 20 Nigerian universities, PollTeon boasts of a rich data pool for insightful engagements.

Finally, Olasunkanmi showcased Surveyteon (https://www.surveyteon.com/ ), a proprietary survey design tool that empowers users to create surveys with diverse question types and extract meaningful insights from the collected data.

He pointed out that Surveyteon streamlines the survey creation process with a range of customizable features. It also delivers in-depth statistical summaries of survey responses, providing users with a clear understanding of the data. To encourage participation and increase the value of the data, Surveyeon offers incentives to those who take surveys. He also mentioned that like Pollteon, Surveyteon has already established a presence in many Nigerian universities.

John Ajayi, CEO of MARKETING EDGE, a key partner in this initiative, highlighted the visionary nature of Teon Engine’s products. He believes their solutions will “unstoppably pedestal” the local marketing industry and empower Nigerian professionals. Highlighting MARKETING EDGE’s commitment to innovation, Ajayi emphasized their natural synergy with Teon Engine’s mission.

Teon Engine is dedicated to supporting the Nigerian marketing ecosystem by offering cutting-edge solutions. Ogunsina assured attendees of a three-month free trial for both those who attended and those who missed the event.

To learn more and explore the Teon Engine suite, visit:
• SurveyTeon: https://www.surveyteon.com/
• PollTeon: https://pollteon.com/
• TrendTeon: https://www.thirdeon.com/
For additional information or a personalized demo, Ogunsina advised interested clients to contact Damola Olasunkanmi via WhatsApp or phone call on 07039042924.


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