Data, audience measurement dominate talks at 2024 media sales confab

By Abimbola Mohammed

Media practitioners and owners, content providers, Out-of-Home professionals, and other stakeholders in the advertising and media buying business have agreed on the need for collaboration, audience measurement, data accuracy at the just concluded media conference.

The conference, organized by Media independent Practitioners’ Association of Nigeria (MIPAN) with the theme: “Navigating the Future of Media Sales Within a Touch Economic Landscape”, was held at Radisson Blu Hotel, GRA Lagos with speakers across sectors in the media and advertising space.

The insightful parley witnessed the presence of industry thought leaders who proffered cutting-edge tactics and strategies needed to navigate the economic landscape and dominate the market.

Speaking during the event, Femi Adelusi, President of MIPAN, noted that at a time like this when the country is challenged economically, it is important for all players, including brand owners, media partners and media buyers to proffer solutions.

The MIPAN president also assured partners that, even though there is a shift in consumption pattern, TV and radio are not dying but have gone digital.

His words: “Radio is going rapidly digital. With AudioMark in our market, digital radio and Connected TV is the current and programmatic TV buying is the next game changer.”

He added that the convergence of radio, TV, digital is driven by what the consumers want while stressing the need for content owners to be where the consumers are and also produce consumer-centric content.

Mr. Adelusi assured stakeholders that agencies under MIPAN have developed various tools that will be of great help to the industry in terms of audience measurement performances, current and accurate data that will guarantee return on investment for clients and advertisers.

Speaking on the topic: Content in Sales and Marketing, Chinedu Ugwu, Managing director Sablistus Media Group and Vice President EMCOAN, said every business has one thing in common which is the consumer. He noted the importance of getting the data of consumers correctly for effective business growth and return on investment.

He emphasized the need for collaboration among clients (brands), media owners, agencies and content creators and how consumer data play a big role in achieving better results, retaining audience loyalty and engagement.

“Content is serious business in whatever you do; whether you’re into media research, media buying, print, media planning, content creation, out-of-home, etc – we are all working for one person. That’s the customer.

“That’s the reason we are all here talking about consumer intelligence and their product. We are just trying to find out how we entice this person – the consumer. So we need better understanding and satisfaction of customers’ need to keep all of us in business or out of it. If you don’t understand who your customer is, you’re out of business. If you understand who your customer is, then you find a way of satisfying that customer’s need because the customer does the buying?

Speaking on media content and its role in keeping the audience that consumes it, Mr. Ugwu said: “So what is media content? Media content is the life wire of every medium, without which everything is void. You may have a media or a website but if it has no content then there won’t be an audience. In television stations, you have programmes and if you have a radio station, you need content.

“So, whatever we do, the life wire of everything media is content. The three major functions of content are to provide information to the audience, educate them and also entertain them. These three major functions, which center on content must be geared towards customer satisfaction.”

Mr. Ugwu noted that, even though consumption patterns have changed and people are moving to social media and other platforms that are more engaged, in other clans and even in Nigeria the budget for television is still huge.

“So it’s imperative for creative content to be strategically placed where the eyeballs are, because when beautiful content is wrongly placed, then you may not have customer engagement or loyalty,” he said.

The vice president pointed out that some content owners don’t consider what brands want but just produce and expect sponsorship not minding whether the content is communicating the brand essence. He stressed that producing content shouldn’t be about one-size-fits-all.

He further advised content creators to produce content that are creatively wrapped around brands that they are working with, while stressing that the tone, style and format of the message should be about the brand. “Lastly, content should be tailored to a specific objective and audience segment of the client,” he concluded.


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