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The rise of Gen-Z in influencer marketing

We’re looking at a generation of the next big disruptors, where the vast majority can’t imagine what the world would be like if social media didn’t exist. They are connected to the beat of the online world; to friends, businesses and have access to a plethora of information instantaneously. They are tech-savvy, know exactly what […]

The two most important things to remember about influencer marketing

Using influencers to build your brand credibility is very different from using influencers to create awareness for a new product launch. Furthermore, influencer marketing is not a one-size-fits-all channel. It succeeds in myriad ways for myriad reasons and, just as our personal relationships are complex and varied, so too are consumers’ relationships with influencers. These […]

PR trends of the last decade

1 The social media ‘tsunami’ The start of the last decade in 2010 heralded an explosion in the use of social media in what we now term – the social media ‘tsunami’. The increasing need to connect gave rise to several social media platforms and the death of some prominent ones like ‘Blackberry’. Simply put, […]