Setting agenda for new Twitter boss

By Olatoyosi Oladapo

The change of leadership in Twitter, the popular microblogging site, has been welcomed by twitter users and stakeholders in the integrated marketing communications industry in Nigeria. The infusion of new talents is seen as a way of shoring up the dwindling image of the platform, promote users’ confidence, which have largely been on the downward spiral since the forced takeover of the company by Elon Musk.

The negative vibes that were attendant upon Musk’s takeover was worsened by the challenging changes introduced by the new owner. This has resulted in the decline of Twitters users. As if this was not enough trouble to contend with, the shareholders of Telsa and Space X, Musk’s sister companies, started complaining about his obsession with Twitter and how this was negatively affecting the share value of the companies and their investments.

Welcoming as the appointment of Linda Yaccarino as the first female CEO of Twitter is, especially to those who want the undivided attention of Muskat Telsa and Space X, there is a foreboding feeling among brand owners, Twitter users and Twitter observers about the future of the microblogging site under the new leadership. Some experts regard Linda as a puppet who is there to the bidding of Musk while some are optimistic given her experience and track record. As if she was mindful of these mixed feelings, Linda, took to her Twitter handle and assured millions of her desire and readiness to take Twitter to its former glory. I’m excited to help bring this vision to Twitter and transform this business together!” Yaccarino tweeted in a message thanking Musk for the opportunity, she said. This leaves question in the mind of many, ‘what would be the future of brand communications on twitter under Linda leadership’.

Speaking recently with MARKETING EDGE, IMC experts shared their expectations of the new leadership at Twitter.

Tony Eguridu, General Manager, Michael Angelo Media Media in a recent chat with MARKETING EDGE expressed his worries over non-control of content and the introduction of non-favourable policies.

“Advertisers are apprehensive about the lack of control of content on Twitter especially racist comments. Brands do not want to associate themselves with such platforms. Therefore, there were many withdrawals by big advertisers. For example, Coca-Cola left the platform as the new policies didn’t favour them”.

He further said that the new CEO should put measures in place to ensure Twitter is a more stable platform for brands.

“Right before Elon Musk became the CEO, Twitter was the pride of advertisers, and it is glaring what has changed. Twitter was more recoginsed as the social media platform for brand communication. This is because news content travelled far and to very wide audience, fake news were quickly debunked and control measures were put in place unlike what is happening now. The new CEO has to put measures in place to make the platform more stable because it is rather an unstable now. This may, however, be hard as Twitter is free to all; but it is possible.

“There’s also been a high turnover of sales staff since the new CEO took over. All this put together will make advertisers review their media plans on the platform”

Stating her expectations of the new leadership at twitter, Elizabeth Ogunseye, Digital Marketing Specialist, Zabira/Grip Nigeria said, “I will be looking forward to more updates in terms of features. For instance, a very nice feature fleet was removed and many people did not like it. The new CEO could replace the feature back. There are also so many rules on the Blue tick and ads making it so stressful, so it would be nice for Linda to review it. Lastly, I would expect the new CEO to do more of community developments just the way Jack did when he was CEO”.

Aizehi Itua, head of Brand Marketing Communication and Digital Experiential Business, Connect Marketing Services expressed a wish to have localization and cultural review implemented on Twitter.

“I would like the new CEO to acknowledge and embrace Nigeria’s vibrant and diverse culture by supporting efforts. This might entail features that are tailored to the Nigerian audience, providing language support and hosting cultural events. Even if the strategy is globalization, ‘glocalization’ would go a long way to enable Nigerians better connect with the platform”.

He said further, “I hope the new CEO prioritizes strong anti-spam measures, improved content moderation, and collaboration with relevant stakeholders in Nigeria to combat the spread of fake news. This will make it easier for clients to communicate with their client in a trustworthy environment. Nigeria has a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, and many local businesses use Twitter to promote their brands. Twitter and Nigerian businesses can benefit from encouraging partnerships and collaborations”.

Though the CEO is still new, she however has her job cut out already. It is believed that her experience as the Chairman of Advertising and Partnerships at NBCUniversal, will stand her in good stead for the challenges of her new role if she is able to resist the overarching influence of her employer.


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