Publicis Groupe joins C2PA to protect content

By Abimbola Mohammed

In a bid to protect invaluable Intellectual Property (IP), ensure authentic creative visions are brought to completion and verified along the way, Publicis Groupe announced that it has joined the Coalition of Content Provenance Authenticity (C2PA).

C2PA is an industry group that is striving to get support for the development and acceptance of standards for content authentication. Such standards are seen as increasingly critical with the rapid advancement and spread of applications like generative AI.

Other members include Adobe, Arm, BBC, Intel, Microsoft, Truepic and others. Publicis said it would be the first holding company member to sit on the organization’s steering committee.

By creating a future framework for content verification, the coalition hopes to protect the authenticity and provenance of AI assets for creators, brands, and consumers. It has created the so-called C2PA Specification, designed to verify original content across a range of formats, including Photo, Video and Audio.

Carla Serrano, Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Groupe, said: “In an industry where thought-provoking content has the power to move people, tell stories and demand action, we cannot afford the risk of bad actors compromising a creator’s authentic vision and creation. The C2PA’s efforts help protect that invaluable IP and ensure authentic creative visions are brought to completion and verified along the way. And people can feel confident knowing that the content they’re viewing is unique, original, and straight from the source.”

Andrew Jenks, Chair of the coalition: “We are pleased to welcome Publicis Groupe to the C2PA. The company brings deep experience in branding and marketing that will support and contribute to our core mission of establishing trust across all online media.”


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