Peugeot launches new logo

Peugeot, the pan-Nigerian brand and world oldest carmaker, has unveiled a new brand identity.

The new logo is a trans-modern design, having a mixture of modern and historical elements of the brand’s journey in the automobile industry. It has a resemblance to the one that appeared between 1955 and 1960, and a coat of arm is used to depict the logo, which symbolises that the brand is going back to history and also to create a perspective for Peugeot as a timeless brand. The new Peugeot logo is distinguished by its royal coat of arm wrapped around the Peugeot roaring lion’s head.

The manufacturing and assembling automobile brand will also be going into multi-brands such as clothing line and accessories, which is a merger between PFA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, to form a new company being powered by Stellantis, making Peugeot a first-class brand.

According to a reliable source within the company, Peugeot is doing this to upskill and also make its brand more responsive. The source hinted that the idea of a new logo was not just to create a promotional material from it, but also to make a valid statement designed to put Peugeot into a world-class automobile company that will be reckoned with, by giving consumers a logo that will create an impression.

According to the source, the brand wants consumers to expect a world-class brand that will be creating an emotion round their product, while fulfilling its commitment to dishing out a pan-Nigerian product, as it continues to reinforce them with a product of the past and of the future.

The source also revealed that Peugeot will soon be unveiling its new version of Peugeot 308, with the new logo reflecting on it.


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