MARKETING EDGE’s most-read news, features of 2022

By Zion Rufus 

From innovative storytelling to industry stirring interviews, thought-leadership articles, to product launches, and in-depth analysis and reports of all that 2022 had to offer, 2022 was indeed an eventful year.

As we look forward to providing you with more insightful news content this year, below is a review of some of our most-read news stories, reports, and features of 2022.


News Stories

Oxford Green Farms launches AgroLyfe to optimise productivity

With a focus on large scale farming while employing best practices to drive efficiency and increased output, Oxford Green Farms Group, a leading business conglomerate in Africa launched an innovative platform to facilitate improved productivity in the agricultural sector of the nation’s economy.

Bunmi Adeniba joins Coca-Cola as new Marketing Director

Bunmi Adeniba, an experienced marketing professional and commercial operator who has worked in several FMCG companies in her career trajectory was appointed as the new Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Nigeria Plc.

Abeg rebrands as Pocket by PiggyVest, controversy trails acquisition

Abeg, which launched as a payments platform in 2020 was acquired  and rebranded to Pocket by automated savings platform PiggyVest on an undisclosed date. The “secret” acquisition of the Big Brother Naija Sponsor was met with controversy as industry professionals submitted varying opinions on the possible pros and cons.

Digital marketing experts predict more AI utilization in 2022

Practitioners in digital marketing and new media predicted that organisations will utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and personalisation technologies more to better improve ‘audience targeting’ with regards to advertising in 2022. And they were right. In 2022, Artificial intelligence (AI) was a major theme across sectors. 

Increased data privacy will affect accuracy in audience measurement

The continuous accuracy and validity of data gathered from audience measurement companies has become a thing to doubt in an increasingly complicated marketplace which now faces growing scrutiny with regards to user privacy as the past year witnessed an increased focus on user privacy across all platforms, especially from customers, and regulatory bodies.

Feature stories

Diaper brands battle over market share

In Nigeria, the ideal market size of diapers is approximately 2.07 billion pieces annually; the current consumption is about 1.75 billion pieces. However, the biggest hurdle in achieving better growth for the diaper category is price. As a result, quality mid-priced disposable diapers, as well as smaller packs, are attractive to middle and lower-income earners.


Behind Sterling Bank’s Easter campaign controversy

Last year, Sterling Bank Plc ran into troubled waters with the Nigerian public after it shared an Easter ad campaign which didn’t sit well with the Christian community. The catchphrase and image of the campaign compared the resurrection of Christ to Nigeria’s local bread popularly known as “Agege Bread”. “Like Agege Bread, He rose,” was the tagline, accompanied by an image of steaming hot bread broken in halves.


Throwback Thursday: Carbonated soft drinks with nostalgic commercials 

Did you know there was a time when you could sip on a delicious carbonated beverage that also helped organise your life? While the 70s, 80s, and 90s are long gone, some of the soft drinks that ruled parties and homes during those eras include Crush, Dr. Pepper, Tandi Guarana, Parle Soda, Gold Spot, Thums Up, Krest and many more. 


Five priorities for Africa in 2022

The following were envisaged to be the priority areas for the African continent in 2022: Meeting the challenge of vaccine equity; Preparing for Africa’s growing global role; Harnessing opportunities afforded by Africa Continental Free Trade Area; Accelerating Africa’s digital transformation; Financing Africa’s green transition. 



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