Oduh advocates programmatic advertising for proper audience targeting

By Felicia Nwosu

Promise Oduh, Associate Director, MediaReach OMD, has advocated that brands should invest in programmatic advertising to enable them thrive in a fast-paced world, and also help them target prospects accordingly. He argued that, in today’s marketing landscape where consumers’ content consumption is skyrocketing, brands must add value to the consumer within the shortest space of time through programmatic advertising, by connecting them (consumers) with the right messages and products.

Stating this in an interview with MARKETING EDGE, the media strategist explained that programmatic advertising enables brands to reach customers along the entire buying journey with valuable conversions. Mr. Oduh stated that it is essentially more important than ever for brands to keep up with the evolving consumer behaviour and expectation while developing innovative strategies to provide customers with their precise needs.

“Like they say in advertising, money follows the audience; so you have got to take your money to where the audience is and that is where programmatic becomes a platform that helps you to precisely reach that target market where the consumer is. I talked about attentive reach because, today, we are not just talking about awareness or somebody knowing your brand, but how the person relates with your brand. So engagement, interactiveness and tracking performance become key; and these are the roles that programmatic buying fills. With the advent of 5G, it makes it even much easier, because it means that technology will move faster, and then, the ability to digitally reach today’s consumer becomes also faster,” he said.

He urged brands and marketing professionals to study and understand how consumer behaviour has significantly evolved and still evolving to enable them win beyond traction to retention.

“In terms of retention, there are so many huge platforms that a lot of brands have spent huge amounts of money on. Yes, they may have interacted with those brands and may have also driven tractions in terms of purchase. But the point is: after two years, you don’t get to retain the attention of these consumers, they have moved.

“What brands should begin to ask is: how do I sustain the momentum that I have built? The brain has too many memory blocks, such as the long term and short term memory blocks. What tends to happen is that you have so many things bombarding the short-term memory block, and if any brand refuses to sustain that momentum, what tends to happen is that the knowledge or awareness that you have built begins to move from the long-term memory block to the short-term. And soon, you begin to forget that brand. Secondly, the brands that provide you with value, show you empathy and also communicate with you personally, because consumers want personalised communication, are the brands that will be retained,” he said.


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