NIPR, DSA unite for REBIRTH Nigeria initiative

By Ibidunni Banjoko

The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) recently inked a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Development Specs Academy (DSA) to initiate the transformative REBIRTH Nigeria programme.

This collaboration stands as a pivotal move in realizing the New Dawn agenda under the Institute’s current leadership.

During the official signing ceremony held in Abuja, Dr. Ike Neliaku, President and Chairman of the Council at NIPR, expressed concern about the country’s dwindling culture of service excellence. He emphasized that the REBIRTH Nigeria initiative was meticulously crafted with substantial content aimed at repositioning the nation, particularly from a private sector perspective.

Dr. Neliaku elaborated that REBIRTH, an acronym representing Re-inventing the Essence, Beauty, Integrity, Resourcefulness, Tradition, and Heritage of Nigeria, revolves around national transformation. He outlined the program’s four pillars: values re-orientation, citizen education, promotion of locally made products, and fostering excellence in service delivery. He stressed that nurturing values is fundamental in nation-building, asserting that a nation’s growth aligns with its cherished values.

“The aim is to enlighten our citizens on matters of nationhood and development. We must advocate for the patronage of made-in-Nigeria goods to revitalize our economy,” stated Dr. Neliaku, emphasizing the importance of instilling such values in the citizens,” he said.

He expressed optimism that this private sector-led approach would catalyze the much-needed transformation in Nigeria’s citizenry.

On the other hand, Prof. Okey Ikechukwu, Executive Director of Development Specs Academy, highlighted the academy’s focus on human capital development and its commitment to nation-building initiatives, particularly targeting the youth community to foster a new societal paradigm.

As a fellow of NIPR, Prof. Ikechukwu underscored his motivation for seeking this partnership with the Institute, citing NIPR’s demonstrated national presence and commitment during the last NIPR Citizens Summit, making it an ideal platform for an initiative of national importance.

He emphasized that nation-building requires intentional efforts, stating, “Nigerians need to be equipped with specific skills for societal betterment. Effective communication through trusted platforms is pivotal in achieving this goal.”

The partnership is initially set for three years, with provisions for renewal based on evolving needs.

The NIPR and Development Specs Academy collaboration is poised to embark on a journey of societal transformation through the REBIRTH Nigeria program, focusing on shaping values, education, local product promotion, and service excellence to foster a renewed and empowered Nigerian society.


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