Netizens support Teni’s action at National Award

By Abimbola Mohammed

Netizens have rallied support and made a heroine out of Teni for standing up for youths and expressing the general discontent with the present administration’s handling of the country and the economy with her action during the National Award recently. Twitter in a poll with the question: Do you think Teni was wrong had 3, 119 respondents as at the time of this report. While 14.3% disagreed with her action, and 34.7% said it’s not their business, an overwhelming 51% were in support. A similar trend could be seen on Facebook and Instagram.

Multiple award-winning Nigeria singer, Teniola Apata popularly known as Teni was among the 443 Nigerians that were recently conferred with National Awards by President Muhammadu Buhari at the Government House Villa in Aso Rock. In a viral video Teni who was conferred with the Member of the Order of the Niger, MON, was seen walking to the stage with a distinct swag, and a frown. She then took the award from President Muhammadu Buhari without a handshake or a courtesy as is customary on such occasions though the President didn’t also stretch his hand in greetings to her. The President, apparently disconcerted, stared at her as she walked away.

Here are some reactions from netizens on the matter. @Jeroski0: “What Teni did is very wrong, that is disrespectful not only that he is a president but for that fact that he is an elderly man, we the Yoruba value respect a lot and Teni is a Yoruba gal. Let’s call a spade a spade.”

@Bigabazz: “Not all protests require shouting and carrying placards, I feel this is her way of protesting the bad governance by the President. At least she honoured the invitation that one is not disrespectful abi…”

@Nmaunique1: “She went to collect an award not to exchange pleasantries.

@yinkaisola14: “The Way One Was Bred Would Determine Opinion On Teni’s Behaviour. A Freeborn Yoruba Lady Or Guy Should Bow A Bit When Receiving Something From Anyone Older Than Him & Also When Appreciating Something. Here, It Isn’t Even About PMB But The Position As The President Of Nigeria.”

@Prechyyie: ‘We need to protect her at all cost she’s our national treasure”

Responding to this tweet @AdebzClouds wrote:

“Talk for yourself! Your national treasure who doesn’t have any form of respect for constituted authority. She should have turned down the award. What Teni did is childish the likes of Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka turned down national awards but not in this manner.”

@TeflonDonBoss29: “Why would you greet someone who has thrown you into immense hardship? She tried it herself! If na me I for drag am kommot from his hand! Someone should tell Buhari the truth, Nigerians are not happy.”

@daslick28: “I guess FG just issues the awards based on connection and who they love. It’s obvious that many awardees might not be happy with situations in NIGERIA, Teni just shows her unhappiness due to her youthfulness.”

@littleDami2: “Yeah she is angry at Buhari’s regime or government but publicly disrespecting the president of a country is wrong in every shape and manner.”

@its_freeworld: “She should have rejected the award if she believes PMB governance is that poor, Chinua Achebe rejected such an award from different presidents. There is nothing to justify her action.”

@mrbakare: “But Buhari didn’t even extend a hand of greetings either. Judging by the video, Teni isn’t wrong. She did exactly what she ought to do.”

@Donadexies1: “Naaah Democracy we Dey bah … she has the right to express her feelings … and she has honored the president by going to get the award she greets or no greetings no be anybody concern she is angry and we are all angry too .. No disrespect for me.”

It should be recalled that Teni was one of the prominent artistes that championed the #EndSARS protest. After the Lekki toll gate shooting she revealed that her heart was bleeding regarding the protest, Teni took to her Twitter page and wrote: “I’m hurt! My heart is bleeding. These people don’t give a f..k about us. Wow #EndSARS”

She also took out time to write a tribute to the late Anthony Onome, who was very active during #EndSars protects before he was stabbed multiple times by thugs during a protest in Abuja. She thanked him for putting everything on the line for his country.

In her words: “Rest in Power!! Anthony Onome, your bravery, and sacrifice will never be in vain, once again, I’m sorry our country failed you. Thank you for putting everything on the line. You are another reason we won’t stop!! #EndSARS”

Was Teni’s action a reincarnation of the ghost of #ENDSARS?

Let us have your comments and views.


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