Embrace AI to enhance customer experience, Okorie tasks marketers

By Felicia Nwosu

To remain competitive and adapt to ever-changing needs of customers, Marie Okorie, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Heirs Insurance Brokers, has noted that Artificial Intelligence (Al) plays a crucial role in enhancing customer experience by providing personalized and well-tailored experiences that drive business growth. She, however, added that AI also remains a tool that ultimately relies on human wisdom to function effectively.

Okorie stated this during the MARKETING EDGE first quarterly virtual summit held Friday, 5 April, 2024, via Zoom with theme: Reshaping Marketing Communications: Leveraging The Vast Opportunities in AI For Brands’ Sustainability.

She further charged professionals to take advantage of the remarkable tool, reiterating that embracing the power of AI and understanding its role is key that will help create new strategic positioning as well as strategic planning and growth for businesses in an ever-changing market, especially in optimising content creation and distribution.

She averred that Al is ultimately under the control of humans, irrespective of its immense role and so must be effectively leveraged in optimizing customer experience and enhancing marketing strategies.

The marketing professional while acknowledging the immense role of AI as a remarkable tool that is poised to revolutionize business operations across industries, added that it must be used to evoke emotion and ultimately drive action from consumers.

She continued: “Mastering the art of communication is very essential for brands to be able to stand out and thrive, and here comes AI, which is basically revolutionary. It’s changing the way we work and interact with technology.. It’s not changing how we understand our customers, it is changing how we interact with our customers, how we engage our customers, and how we deliver value.

“It empowers us with advanced analytics, automation, and personalization capabilities to enable us to craft hyper-targeted campaigns to help us optimize customer experience and to ultimately drive measurable results. One of the profound impacts of AI in marketing communications is its ability to enable personalized communications. By leveraging AI algorithms, we can analyze the vast amount of data to understand our customers’ preferences, our customers’ behaviors, and our customers’ needs. Through AI, you are able to identify how many people took action through your email.”

According to her, every marketing communications professional, brand and business owner wants their communications to do something, to drive action and marketing serves as the bridge between brands and the target audience to create engaging interaction, to build trust and drive business growth.

“It’s very crucial to remember that AI is just a tool and it remains a tool nonetheless. But it’s a powerful instrument in the hands of humans and it still is ultimately under the control of humans. With AI, we are able to forecast customer behaviour accurately, and it also empowers us to make data-driven decisions yield tangible results. It allows us to anticipate trends and tailor our marketing strategies accordingly,”she added.

Noting that in today’s world, effective marketing communication stands as the cornerstone of success for any brand and no longer just about casting messages anymore but about cutting through the noise to deliver compelling narratives that resonate with the target audience that will evoke emotion and ultimately drive action.

Okorie further explained: “Content is key, everywhere you turn today, there is content everywhere. And as much as content is key, distribution of content, as well as creating high-quality content for that matter, can be a daunting task. And AI algorithms have been known to help with streamlining the content creation process, generating data for insights, as well as optimizing distribution strategies to ensure maximum reach and engagement.”


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