Nestle to accelerate digitalisation for operational efficiency

By Oghale Mafuru

Nestle, one of the leading global Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company, has reiterated its commitment to drive technologically enabled initiatives that will accelerate business growth and expansion.

Speaking on its website, the company stated that, “Digitalization is a crucial driver of Nestlé’s continued evolution. It covers all aspects of our business and helps create new platforms for growth, enhances agility and generates efficiencies. We are advancing as a digitally enabled and data-intelligent business.”

“Consumers are more pressed for time, digitally-engaged and health-conscious than ever before. They expect our brands to offer or recommend ‘fit-for-me’ solutions that can be accessed on demand and seamlessly integrated into their lives. To succeed in this connected world, we focus our digitalization efforts on,” the company added.

According to the consumer giant, it will deploy flexible and scalable digital solutions to enhance responsiveness by leveraging technology such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and collaborative robotics to support factory automation and end-of-line customization.

“We are also stepping up our capacity to capture and share data across our value chains. We work with supply chain partners to pilot solutions that will better balance efficiency and resiliency.

“Indeed, beyond efficiency and growth, we see digitalization as an enabler of our sustainability agenda. To that end we are stepping up our efforts to build systems and tools that will enable us to more accurately calculate and track progress in areas such as sustainable packaging, Carbon emissions reduction, and Water management,” the statement said.

Nestle said it will be taking innovation to a new level by working with researchers, startups and other partners to strengthen its business and shape disruptive innovation with the goal of bringing good ideas to market more rapidly.


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