Meet MARKETING EDGE 2023 Summit and Awards’ sponsor – Rite Foods

Rite Foods Limited is sponsoring MARKETING EDGE on its 2023 NATIONAL MARKETING SUMMIT and MARKETING EDGE BRANDS & ADVERTISING EXCELLENCE AWARDS, scheduled to take place on the 15th and 16th of September, 2023.

Rite Foods Limited, a truly world-class and proudly Nigerian Foods and Beverages Manufacturing Company began its food production journey way back in 2008.

Since it registered its presence in the minds of Nigerian consumers, it has continued to play a major player in the sausage segment of the food industry. Rite Foods is also gradually gaining market share in the soft drinks and energy drinks segment of the beverage industry in Nigeria as well.

Its core values are built under very strong cardinal pillars such as Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, and Accountability. With these, it has been able to soar higher irrespective of the dwindling economy and stiff competition. Rite Foods Limited manufactures under high ethical standards and hygienic conditions to produce quality products that are fit for consumption.

Birthed in an unstable and challenging economy, Rite Foods has swayed above all odds to reach its inflection point in the industry.

The leading food and beverage company’s growth trajectory has been supported and powered by its inventiveness, which has earned high recognition in the energy drinks market with the first-ever packaged polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle brands for the Fearless Red Berry and Fearless Classic.

Producing three variants of sausage brands, competing for the market share with multinationals like Leventis, UAC Foods, and UTC, this emerging conglomerate has imbibed the exceptional culture of excellence and success of always being number one in any business ventured into with the introduction of innovative products. With time, Rite sausage brands became the most innovative sausage roll, the number one sausage roll in Nigeria with the innovative Rite Spicy Sausage, and dominated the sausage market with a variety of sausage rolls. Also, it introduced the Bigi Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) in 2016 and Fearless Energy Drinks in 2017. Since then, the brands have set the pace for others to follow, as the most preferred products by families nationwide, as well as addressing the market needs of young pupils in schools. The CSD has 12 variants; the Bigi Premium Table Water is produced with global best practices in purification for hydration, freshness, and healthy living.

Its product line comprises the Bigi Cola, Bigi Orange, Bigi Apple, Bigi Bitter Lemon, Bigi Soda Water, Bigi Lemon & Lime, Bigi Tropical, Bigi Chapman, Bigi Tamarind, Bigi Cherry Cola, Bigi Ginger Lemon, Bigi Ginger Ale, Bigi Premium Table Water, Fearless Redberry and Fearless Classic Energy Drinks, Rite Spicy, Bigi Beef Sausage roll and Rite Sausage roll.


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