Marketing is not rocket science, but data-driven – Osamede Uwubanmwen

By Felicia Nwosu

Osamede Uwubanmwen, the General Manager, Biogenerics Nigeria Limited, has argued that marketing is not rocket science, but data-driven that goes beyond assumptions. He called on advertisers to embrace data-driven marketing to boost marketers’ confidence in advertising, dwelling more on Out-of-Home.

The sales and financial services professional made the submission during an interview with MARKETING EDGE. He explained that adequate data that is beyond mere assumptions will help brands to optimise highest possible return on investment (ROI), while urging agencies to provide data that deliver value for brands in return.

“To the advertisers, OOH is revenue, but to the brands, it is expenses. I should know why I have to spend money for an advert – after all, OOH is just one out of many available channels. So, I am constantly concerned on where to advertise and which channel gives me more value. Unfortunately, OOH does not have the data you need.”

He, therefore, implored the Lagos State Signage and Advertising Agency (LASAA) to work closely with the out-of-home practitioners to help develop the means of gathering and measuring data.

His words: “There is need for more collaboration among various stakeholders to get the required measurement, so that marketers will have confidence to advertise more on OOH, against taking my chances on which roads are busy in Lagos. Traffic is not constant; sometimes, the roads are free.”

Mr. Uwubanmwen noted that most brands are really advertising, especially multinational brands which are competing with their home offices, where there are established data that correspond with the advertising spend. Unlike where there are no data to back up the media spend, he averred that it will be seen as money being thrown into the drain.

The marketing communication expert emphasized the importance of data-driven marketing, describing it as an effective tool to monitor performance on a regular basis. “It is all about number, though some countries are adopting various innovations to drive data in terms of traffic, the number of people in a car during traffic and the time of movement. We are not there yet. So, if I am asking for something that is above a brand’s budget, with no data, it will be difficult to convince.”

The sales development manager appealed to the regulatory body to be more considerate with the advertising practitioners. “If LASAA is not helping to get the numbers, budget for outdoor will keep dropping, and LASAA will keep earning less. It is not just Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting the brand budget. I have said it long time ago that soon, LASAA will get to a stage where people will switch to other channels. It is how you manage and regulate your space that makes you get noticed. There is a difference between regulating and managing your space. You can be a regulator, but how you manage your stakeholders and understand what is going on will get more from them.”


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