IWD 2021: Infinix sparks #SHEPOWER in tech space

By Abimbola Mohammed

The air across the globe is still filled with celebrations of the 2021 edition of the International Women’s Day. One brand which is poised to keep the momentum of the day on for much longer is Infinix, the globally acclaimed smart phone brand which enjoys the reputation of combining technology and fashion, both in product design and packaging as well as brand positioning.

The brand, in line with this year’s International Women’s Day 2021 (IWD) themed #ChooseToChallenge, released a #SHEPOWER video through which it encouraged women across ages, cultures, social statuses and geographies to share their personal stories of challenging biases and misconceptions within the tech space.

The brand, which joined the trending social media challenge campaign, added more meaning to its campaign by encouraging and empowering women to take a stand in some of the most challenging environments. Infinix encouraged some of the women that have faced difficult situations at their places of work to share their stories through the #SHEPOWER challenge.

Significantly, through the #SHEPOWER campaign, the company seeks not only to foster the technological and innovative development of some of the less-privileged regions, it also seeks to advocate social changes by promoting gender equality, which, as much as many may not want to admit, some parts of the worlds aren’t very friendly to women who want to develop a career of their own.

Since the Infinix #SHEPOWER campaign broke, women across the globe have taken up the challenge thrown by the campaign by sharing their exciting stories. Some samplers of what some of the women said about their experience at work and in their environments.

Shams Talaat, a 23-year-old marketer in Infinix in Iraq, who just graduated from Nahrain University, one of the top universities in Iraq, said despite being in a place that has the lowest female employment rates in the world, she has always been a fighter when it comes to gender equality. Last year, she marched hand in hand with male and female protestors down the streets of central Baghdad as one of the organizers of the gender equality rally which made international headlines.

Her words: “We want to feel heard, equal and be free to represent our own voices; it’s uncommon for women to work in Technology Companies here. Being part of this industry, in Infinix, in particular, means a lot to me because I am part of a vision that aims to provide great technology at an unbeatable price for my country. At the moment, I’m the only female member in my office but I believe that things will change as we continue to promote a safe and inclusive working environment for aspiring women who want to take a stab at the tech industry in Infinix.”

Jessica Pan, a 25-year-old mobile structure design engineer at Infinix in Shanghai, China, is making heads to turn with her talent in what seemed to be ‘a man’s job’.

With a childhood dream to be a fashion designer, Jessica finds joy in putting her creativity and passion into every aspect of Infinix mobile design. She said in the video that: “It’s a dream come true in an unexpected way. I’m really glad that fashion plays a critical role in Infinix’s product creation. It gives me an opportunity to see my ideas come to life in an everyday product like smartphones.”

In her own story, Onyii Bekeh, a Medical Doctor turned digital fashion lifestyle, content creator and a fashion stylist from Nigeria, who comes from a humble and educated home, with a banker father and medical doctor mum, said that her dream to become a fashion creator began when she decided to pursue her career in fashion and for over 3years she has been consistently creating content for luxury brands.

In the video which she shared on YouTube, Onyii talked about the challenges she faced as a woman at her work place. She said: “I’ve had brands pay me less than my male colleagues even when my work was better; I’m also being excluded from campaigns based on my gender.”  She added that her consistency has helped her to achieve her heart’s desires: “I’ve been consistently creating content for the past 3 years and that time I’ve had luxury brands notice me.”

Also, on Twitter, Patience Rusaro @Rusaropatience from Rwanda, an influencer/brand promoter tweeted on the #SHEPOWER challenge saying: “Wishing every queen, Princess, Lady a Happy Women’s Day…You’re powerful, strong, beautiful and able you really inspire a lot of people internationally #SHEPOWER @InfinixRwanda”.

It is on record that Infinix was founded in 2013; it is a frontrunner in combining cutting-edge technology and fashionably designed dynamic mobile devices to create globally-focused intelligent life experiences through a merging of fashion plus technology. With the brand spirit of challenging the norms, Infinix smart devices are designed specifically for young people who want to stand out, reach out and in sync with the world.

Today, there is greater acceptance for women in the workforce globally. Infinix has never stopped to take challenges on, with a workforce of 42% women; it will continue to drive gender equality and diversity. The video can be found at https://youtu.be/3gRg8Ox7LZY.


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