Skyy Vodka revamps image to captivate new generation

By Felicia Nwosu

In a bold move to reclaim its position in the market, Skyy Vodka has launched a global advertising campaign that blends retro flair with modern appeal, targeting a new generation of consumers.

The brand, founded in the early 1990s, has undergone a significant revamp, including a reformulation that adds minerals for enhanced flavor and a sleek redesign of its iconic blue bottle.

The campaign, created by Campari Group, Skyy’s parent company since 2001, draws inspiration from the brand’s provocative and disruptive marketing heritage. Raul Gonzalez, global managing director for spirits at Campari Group, noted that the brand’s archives showcased innovative and daring executions, which served as a starting point for the new campaign.

The refreshed approach aims to resonate with younger consumers who crave authenticity and genuine connections in a crowded digital landscape. Gonzalez emphasized that this demographic values being present in the moment, sharing everyday experiences with friends, and elevating those moments. The campaign’s focus on “Embracing Every Y” encourages consumers to embrace their individuality and live life to the fullest.

“Although they still live in the digital world, and they love to participate in social media, they have an elevated sense of being in the here-and-now and spending time with friends and just being present in the moment,” he said. “We’re moving away from social status as a currency and more into just being with your friends and elevating those everyday moments.”

The campaign features striking visuals and motion direction by acclaimed artist and filmmaker Nadia Lee Cohen and Charlie Denis, respectively. The ads showcase vibrant party scenes where individuals embrace their unique styles and paths, promoting a message of self-expression and inclusivity.

Skyy Vodka’s revitalized campaign marks a significant shift in the brand’s marketing strategy, acknowledging the changing consumer landscape and media habits. By revisiting its heritage while embracing modernity, Skyy aims to recapture the hearts of a new generation of consumers and reestablish itself as a leader in the premium vodka market.

With its bold and innovative approach, Skyy Vodka is poised to make a lasting impact on the industry once again, inviting consumers to join a journey of discovery and connection. As Gonzalez noted, “Finding your voice and delivering your message with the right tone to the right audience is essential. If not, you’ll get lost in the noise.” Skyy Vodka’s new campaign is a testament to the brand’s commitment to standing out and making a lasting impression.


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