Influencers will continue to drive brand engagement in 2023 – Olabode

By Ibidunni Banjoko

Raheem Olabode, Executive Director, CMC Connect, has stated the relevance of influencers in Public Relations communication strategy. He noted that, as far PR is about building and sustaining relations between organisations and prospects, influencers will continue to play key roles in maintaining the ‘Host and Audience’ relationship with their followers.

Speaking with MARKETING EDGE in an exclusive interview, Mr. Olabode mentioned that most followers of influencers go with their recommendations of products or services, noting that they (influencers) will continue to drive engagements and influence the decisions of brands into 2023, and, by extension, the foreseeable future.

While highlighting on using influencer marketing to solve fundamental marketing problems, however, Mr. Olabode said: “It’s a two-way thing. A yes and a no depending on the context you are looking at it from. Are influencers driving sales for brands? Absolutely. Are they solving fundamental marketing problems? No. However, there is a paradigm shift when it comes to marketing challenges previously encountered by brands when it comes to driving engagements and creating awareness for products, prior to the entry of influencers.”

According to him, technology and investment in technology have greatly improved the growth of Public Relations in the digital space.

“The growth of the digital space means organisations no longer rely on traditional means to reach their prospects. Most prospects come into contact with brands in the online landscape. These include social media platforms, Google searches, forums, blogs, and review sites. The digital space has grown tremendously and it is a good thing for the Public Relations industry,” he said.

“The Metaverse is relatively new; people are still learning the ropes. And I believe, with time, everyone will be abreast of the Metaverse and what it means for the future of Public Relations.

“Creativity is the soul of PR ingenuity. The ability to think outside the box when it is all boxed in. And this has been the wheel, the vehicle that has been sustaining the industry. Without creative thinking, the industry will die a natural death.

“For profitability, practitioners must constantly review their rules of engagement while constantly keying into trends that will drive the business. Investment in talent acquisition, technology, training, and re-training of talents is also key,” he stated.


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