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How service providers in IMC can drive brand narratives in turbulent times

How service providers in IMC can drive brand narratives in turbulent times


The world has been in a sustained state of flux for the first half of 2020. Never before has there been a disruption, a temporary and, in some cases, permanent shutdowns of businesses as a result of the tidal wave of the global Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic is aggressively speeding up some seismic shifts that have been gestating for a while in the business world, even as it poses a confounding time for brands.

How do integrated marketing communications practitioners and experts find the right compass for their brands at this moment? How do they deal with the shift to online across, potentially, the entire business, while balancing the concerns of all stakeholders? How do they position themselves as brand custodians and experts going forward in the future that they hadn’t anticipated prior to the pandemic as many emerge from the crisis?

Marketing communications practitioners have to avant-garde. As things are happening and emerging minute by minute, they have to be exceptionally agile to be able to determine what the right channels are to go first and how they communicate that information. While IMC experts can’t predict a pandemic, they need to be more data, tech and digital-driven. From a communications and marketing perspective, they really need to get more rigorous in terms of the kind of stories to tell and when to tell them.

The chaos of the coronavirus is rather proving difficult to navigate, but it can be a place where brands prove their mettle, purpose, values, and commitments, while also showing their agility, creativity and spirit. It’s a time where the strength of a brand and its custodians and managers pay off.

As brands navigate the global whirlwind of the coronavirus pandemic, those working in marketing and brand communications, whose job is to ensure they bring clarity both internally and externally, must bring their skills and professionalism to bear.

A lot of what brands are doing and shall be doing may feel like temporary strategies. But it also represents an opportunity for brands and their custodians to define who they truly are, and who they will continue to be going forward?

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