How consumer-centric brands maximise festive marketing strategy

By Abimbola Mohammed

Christmas season is one time of the year when people make merry, take a holiday and generally unwind. As the year runs out, many companies operating within the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and services sector take advantage of this period to either launch new products or do heavy promotion on existing ones.

Holidays present a huge opportunity for unique and engaging marketing strategy and can have a variety of lasting benefits. This opportunity is not limited to Christmas Holidays but also Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Ramadan.

During this period that customers’ spending mood changes, smart brands leverage the opportunity to introduce new products or promote existing products.

A well-executed Christmas marketing plan can give your business much-needed sales boost and help keep existing clients happy.

Here are some of the strategic plans that brands can use during this period are, new product launch, promotions, giveaway, empathy commercials, sense of urgency etc.

During Christmas, ramping up your Marketing/advertising campaigns to grab consumers’ attention is essential.

In Nigeria, some of the brands that maximise this period to launch new product that are synonymous to consumer goods are Peak Milk from the stable of FrieslandCampina WAMCO, Hollandia milk from Chi Limited, Maggi Jollof signature from Nestle Professional Nigeria, Golden Penny Mayonnaise from Flour Mills Nigeria(FMN).

Flour Mills Nigeria (FMN) PLC and the Golden Penny brand unveiled a new Golden Penny Mayonnaise to create emotional value and deepen market connection with consumers. The newly unveiled product category known as “Golden Penny Mayonnaise”, has a premium quality that adds to the company’s brand portfolio.

The mayonnaise brand with the pay-off-line “put a zing on it” was unveiled on 8 November, 2023 in Lagos. Its pay-off line was derived from its unique nutritional value rich in Zinc, which is not common in its other categories.

Nestlé Professional unveiled a new 100g pack size of MAGGI Signature Jollof Seasoning Powder, a convenient and affordable option for out of home users including restaurants, bukas and hotels. With its attractive packaging and unique flavors, the seasoning in the new pack size responds to current preferences for simplicity and efficiency to help customers create the one-pot meals more consumers prefer today. The introduction of an affordable, convenient 100g pack size is therefore a significant addition to Nestlé Professional Nigeria’s portfolio.

Not only did Hollandia milk rebrand its product pack designs for its Hollandia range of Products but also launched a new Hollandia Yoghurt portfolio, called Vanilla.

The new Hollandia pack design features the new Hollandia logo, which is enclosed in a seal signifying the stamp of high quality that the Hollandia brand is very well known for.  The new pack also displays the company’s new heritage as “A Product of the Coca-Cola Family” since the full acquisition of Chivita Hollandia (CHI Limited) by The Coca-Cola Company in 2019.

Peak Milk leverages the “Life Evolves, So Has Pap” campaign to promote its new product, Peak Milky Pap. The campaign was launched in November 2023 to highlight the evolution of pap, a traditional Nigerian food and the introduction of Peak Milky Pap as a convenient and nutritious way to enjoy it.

The campaign is targeting consumers of all ages, with a focus on young adults and families. It emphasizes the benefits of Peak Milky Pap, including its convenience, nutritional value, and versatility. The campaign is also highlighting the fact that pap is a traditional Nigerian food that has been enjoyed for generations.

Peak Milk recently launched a budget-friendly size of its dairy brand, the new Peak “Mini” Evap pack. This decision is a calculated reaction to the financial realities that many households are facing, as well as evidence of their dedication to client satisfaction. These pocket-friendly, convenient packs are designed to make the goodness of Peak Evaporated milk accessible to all Nigerians, irrespective of their social class.


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