GWR: Ewaoluwa sets record, sings Christmas songs for 31 hours

By Abimbola Mohammed

Guinness World Record (GWR) has awarded Ewaoluwa Olatunji, who goes by the stage name Ewa Cole aka “Queen of Afro-Solk”, for the longest marathon for singing Christmas songs.

Ewa’s marathon singing started on 27th and ended on 28th of December 2023, which made it a total of 31 hours to become the first holder of this record.

According to the “Queen of Afro-Solk”, she took on this challenge to “promote peace and unity” and to inspire confidence in young people.

Her words: “Since childhood, I’ve been preparing for this moment. I was often put on stage to lead and perform at my school’s Christmas carols.”

Throughout her record attempt, Ewa sang classic Christmas songs such as “Deck the Halls”, “Frosty the Snowman”, “Silent Night” and numerous others. She was not allowed to repeat any song within a one-hour period.

Just like all other ‘longest marathon’ record attempts, after every continuous hour of singing, Ewa was permitted a five-minute rest break, which could be accumulated if not taken. These were the only times that she could eat, sleep, or use the bathroom.

The prolonged spells of singing took their toll on Ewa, who battled fatigue, throat pain and stomach problems during her sing-athon.

“The most challenging period for me was between the eighth and 12th hours,” she said.

“I had consumed a drink that caused mild food poisoning symptoms, forcing me to hold in flatulence to avoid public embarrassment. I was simultaneously experiencing profuse sweating, stomach, head, and throat aches, along with an urgent need to use the restroom,” she added.

Although she overcame this hurdle, her throat pain then began to worsen, and after 20 hours, it had “intensified to an unbearable level.

“By the 20th hour, I was desperate for a miraculous reprieve,” Ewa noted.

Ewa, who works as a software engineer and also runs her own clothing brand, said she’s thrilled to have earned this Guinness World Records title and is “still buzzing with excitement.”

Having created her own music genre called “Afro-Solk”, stemmed from the fusion of Afro-pop, soul, and folk music, Ewa is excited to see where her singing career goes from here.

“It’s incredible to consider all the limitless possibilities that lie ahead,” she said.

“I can’t wait to explore and make the most of them.”


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