Global investment in renewable energy surged to $495bn in 2022

By Kingsley Odii

In a remarkable development for the global energy landscape, investments in renewable energy have skyrocketed to an unprecedented level, reaching a staggering $495 billion in 2022. This represents a remarkable 17 percent increase from the previous year, showcasing the tremendous growth and of the industry.

According to a report by Statista, a renowned global research firm, a multitude of factors has contributed to this exponential growth in investment. Foremost among them is the unwavering policy support for renewable sources, which has provided stability and security for investors. Additionally, the industry’s accelerated development and breakthroughs in technology have presented enormous opportunities for lucrative investments.
The report further revealed that another contributing factor has been the emergence of publicly listed companies, known as yieldcos, which exclusively focus on renewable energy assets. These businesses provide investors with a unique avenue to invest in clean energy projects, further fostering the growth and success of the renewable energy sector.

Also, the report stated that while various sources of renewable energy, such as biomass, waste-to-energy, geothermal, and marine, have witnessed a surge in investment, solar and wind energy are the primary drivers behind this monumental investment influx. Solar energy, in particular, has experienced exponential growth since 2004, with investment skyrocketing from just over $1o billion to a staggering $140 billion in 2019.

“China and the United States are leading the pack in terms of investment in renewable energy projects. China, known for its ambitious clean energy agenda, took the top spot with an investment of $90 billion in 2019. Despite the slight decrease from the previous year, this significant financial commitment highlight’s China’s continued efforts in driving the transition towards a green future. Meanwhile, the United States experienced remarkable growth of 25 percent in renewable investments, solidifying its position as a global leader in the sector,” the report stated.

This unprecedented surge in investment embodies the global recognition of renewable energy as a promising asset class that not only offers sustainable solutions but also demonstrates enormous economic potential. The compounding growth of investments in clean energy signifies a robust and maturing industry that is poised to reshape the future of the global energy landscape.


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