Flour Mills leverages data-driven insights to access customers’ needs – Olusanya

By Felicia Nwosu

Boye Olusanya, the Group Managing Director of Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC, a leading Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company, has revealed that the legacy company’s sustainable growth trajectory is anchored on its positioning, which revolves around leveraging data-driven insights in accessing customers needs to create unique value.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on MARKETING EDGE on TV, the industry icon affirmed that the company uses data-driven insights to improve customer experience. He noted that this has helped the leading FMCG giant to sustain the customer loyalty of its various brand portfolios.

“We are interested in data utilization to be able to access the needs of our customers. We are more interested in establishing a deep route to market, expanding our product portfolios, basically moving the business up to the next level.”

Looking at his career journey while leading the notable firm that has been feeding the nation for the past 63 years, Olusanya pointed out that FMN, as a massive company, employs several value chains to accelerate its growth.

The industry thought leader further explained that the journey has been a learning process and urged people to prioritise on value for themselves and for brands. He stated that it will enable them to stand out as model brands that provide value and solutions.

“FMN is a large and extensive business, and because of the size and scale it is producing, it has products that touch the lives of Nigerians on a daily basis, which is why we have the “Feeding the Nation” mantra. When you then realize that what you are doing the night before is what makes a difference to the kind of food that gets on people’s tables the next day, it sends a couple of shivers up your spine. But the excitement is the opportunity to continue to make changes that dramatically can improve the quality of life of the majority of Nigerians,” he said.


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