Experts offer insights on how to maximise technology in marketing

By Felicia Nwosu

As businesses continue to strive for sustainable growth in a disruptive environment, distinguished industry professionals in the Nigerian marketing communications space have identified technological tools as key drivers to achieve transformation.

Sharing insights based on experience, they averred that Artificial Intelligence and other technological tools possess an undeniable potential that can revolutionise an entire mode of business operations as well as the ability to create innovative solutions that unlock new possibilities.

Speaking on how practitioners can leverage AI to harness their potential, Adeoye Abodunrin, a seasoned information security and project management professional, noted that the digital landscape is ever-evolving, serving as the compass guiding professionals into uncharted realms of innovation and creative exploration.

“The big point is through the line, creativity and technology are also merging, meaning that we are going to see the same siamese relationship between technology and creativity in the coming years. One of the reasons for this is the product and use of product by consumers. What individuals will buy from a business would also have to be defined by creativity and vice versa. That is a case of technology driving creativity and creativity supplying insight to technology.”

Godfrey Adejumoh, a PR expert, Sustainability and Co-Founder, PR Hub, who supported the move to a predictive future, agreed that predictive analytics capabilities will enable businesses to anticipate a future of marketing trends with a proactive approach aimed at breaking barriers associated with mere intuitions through technology.

“If you are in this industry, and still doubt whether you should play in the place of predictive or intuitive marketing, you might want to have a rethink. You have to be at the space where you lead and the only way you can stay relevant in your space as a consultant, as an expert, is to move from that intuitive strategy. It is an enabler, it is an answer. We have stayed so long in the space of intuitive marketing and we have seen some mistakes,” he said.

Rilwan Ajiferuke, General Manager, Plural Media & Technologies Ltd, noted that the emergence of artificial intelligence in today’s digital age has paved the way for advertisers to create more effective Out-of-Home (OOH) campaigns. He added that its disruptive nature is giving professionals the opportunity and power to explore and revamp out-of-home advertising.

“If you put it simply, you are bringing on board effectiveness and efficiency. The turnaround time itself is next to nothing because with AI, you are able to plan, depending on the product in question. So essentially, your campaigns are targeted at those you really need to speak to so clearly.

“At the same time, it helps you to reduce waste. You can now say to yourself, I want my campaigns to run at a particular time of the day when my audience can be found around the particular structure. Really, we are not talking about size any longer. It’s about ensuring that impact is achieved, the impression is there, and for those who are the media owners as well.”

Nkasiobi Chukwu, Wakati Media, an AI pacesetter and Producer of First African Al Power Music Album, shared how he delved into the experimentation to produce the first ever AI-powered music album. He maintained that technological adoption is a-must-to-do and not a choice for practitioners. He emphasized the need to be curious, adding that curiosity would compel professionals to seek more knowledge.

“We must look at how we can reapply that for the out-of-home industry to understand the current reality. When you look at a thing like AI, it gets very complicated very quickly. It is important that the average person understands where to start from. We are at an age now where there are more user-friendly products, more user-focused tools that give us a better chance to create, to work better, and be more efficient. How do we then be curious enough to find ways to apply artificial intelligence in the work that we do on a daily basis to enable us to get valuable answers that will impact what we do,? he asked.

Miguel Castanon, Business Development Director, EMEA, BroadSign, attested to the availability of various applications accessible to practitioners to leverage for effective marketing results. He urged admen to embrace technological tools to enable them deliver impressions in more flexible ways.

“There are plenty of technological applications available for out-of-home. In the last decade, there has been a lot of game-changing stuff going on. One key aspect is that it is not strictly related to one profession. There are lots of them, including content generation aimed at gaining efficiency,” he noted.


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