Media strategy tilts towards brand awareness – Andrea

By Abimbola Mohammed

Andrea Kwiatex, Strategic Partnership Manager, Goodway group, said that there has been a shift in consumers’ purchase journey, while stressing that strategies now are moving into brand awareness.

Speaking during a webinar with the theme: “Test, Reinvest, and Rebuild: How Marketers are Redefining Their Media Strategies in the Face of Disruption”, Kwiatex addressed the methodologies and best practices for building a media strategy that will stand the test of time. The webinar was organized by Brave New Worlds, a multi-faceted educational resource that helps brands adapt to the forces redefining advertising.

Her words: “Our client strategy team has seen significant changes over the last year into different ways to reach those audiences at the right time and in the right place. A couple of those different changes are the campaign flighting. A lot of our brands are shifting. That’s been really affecting when the campaign should run.

“Many folks are also leaning in on publisher data and more first party data strategies versus what they’ve been using before with cookie targeting. And we’ve really seen a shift in the consumer purchase journey. So a lot of the strategies are moving heavily into more brand awareness and consideration to win those brand loyalists back. The generations have changed. You’ve noticed that there’s really not much of that loyalty sticking around.”

Speaking on first party data and how advertisers can leverage the available data they get from their consumers, Kwiatex said: “We’re definitely seeing that shift into how marketers and advertisers are leveraging their first party data. It’s really important to ensure the consent mechanism and gaining that party data.

“There are many different platforms and tools out there to help marketers with just managing it. We’ve seen a wide variety of marketers not having enough first party data. I think as we move into this new world, marketers do need to put this effort full steam ahead into collecting the right type of first party data that is going to help them with their business outcomes. Publisher data is another one that we’ve really leaned heavily on with some of our clients, and they’ve realized the benefit of the data that the publishers have.

“We have to keep in mind the goal that marketers are trying to achieve, which is reaching their intended audiences at the moment that matters most. It should be measurable so that they can determine whether or not what they’re doing is working or not.”

Advising on the type of strategy marketers can adopt, she said: “Measurement and attribution continue to be a big focus because, you know, marketers want to make sure that they’re doing the right things and that they’re leveraging data and insights to help them make better decisions in the future.

“I think the number one thing for marketers is to figure out a way to test and learn into a durable identity strategy. We see reports now in the trade press that some advertisers have started to test and learn with Unique Identifiers (UIDs), too. But that doesn’t mean it’s a settled question because there’s so much more scaling that has to happen before those become viable solutions.”


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