Entrepreneurial success comes with ideas that create value, says Udeme Ufot

The Group Managing Director of SO&U, Udeme Ufot, has declared that the biggest obstacle to entrepreneurial success is not what the entrepreneur lacks, in terms of money or connections. According to the business leader, success would come with ideas that create value and help transform situation and businesses.

Mr. Ufot said this while speaking at the weekly Masterclass session of the Ausso Leadership Academy, a platform for mentoring young entrepreneurs to institutionalise and scale their businesses.

According to the co-founder of SO&U Limited, “The most valuable asset in your entrepreneurial journey is the power of your ideas and your passion to drive the ideas to success.”

Using practical examples, and drawing on his experience, he stressed that having the right skills and passion for excellence could be the difference between success and failure, no matter how financially well-resourced you are.

He further stressed that for any business to grow, the entrepreneur must grow himself in terms of skills, experience, managerial capacity and network. “A big obstacle to growth is a high sense of comfort with the present,” he added.

Continuing, he said: “Entrepreneurs must be prepared to constantly challenge themselves and pull out any sense of comfort with the status quo. Each new day must be seen as an opportunity to push the envelope further.”

On relationship building, Ufot stated that some of the most successful people were superb relationship builders and managers.

“It is relationships that provide the opportunity to use skills to create value”.

He further advised the young entrepreneurs not to dwell unduly on errors committed, but to quietly analyse them, asking themselves questions as to what they did wrong that led to the bad situation.
He opined that if young people could find the right answers as to how they got into the bad spot, it would be the first step to solutions for getting out of any uncomfortable situation.

In his closing remarks, the Founder, Ausso Leadership Academy, Austin Okere, expressed appreciation to Ufot for honouring the invitation to share business tips with the young entrepreneurs.


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