Consumer insight is a critical success factor for brands – Kalu

Brand and marketing expert, Ikechukwu Kalu has said that consumer insight and sufficient time in the marketplace are critical success factors for brands to succeed.

He expressed this view during an interactive session with brand journalists in Lagos, adding that adopting the right marketing mix that tally with the consumer demand will with time achieve set objectives.

Mr. Kalu also advocated that true value creation should remain the main focus of new businesses and they should ensure that they employ a mix of traditional and nontraditional marketing strategies that are aligned with brand overall strategy that stems from deep rooted brand insights.

“Consumers have become more empowered, they create their own relationships with brands and we must build a campaign that promotes this.

“For Nigerian brands to achieve maximum success in their campaigns they must consider the consumer insight, available budget, advertising concepts, consumer interest and allow sufficient time in the market to achieve desired result,” he explained.

He enjoined new brands to ensure there is sufficient brand insight and be ready to stay on in the market for a reasonable time to get the trust of the consumer.

“Most times the expectation of new brands is to get into the market and start making profits within one year. In a normal marketplace this may not just be possible. Consumer insight among Nigerian consumers has grown and brands must begin to treat them as such.

“You do not expect to throw things at the consumer and expect them to swallow it hook, line and sinker without questioning as it was in the past. The availability of social media has given the market more voice and they can now push back,” he noted.

Explaining further, he stated that with the current market competition, new businesses must get it right from inception through differentiation.

“What would differentiate one from the pack is branding. As we know, a brand is not created automatically, you need to be intentional in your efforts to grow your brand and brand activation is just perfect for achieving this. Brand managers need to think seriously about brand activation,” he explained.

Mr. Kalu is a Brand and Marketing Expert, Lead Consultant at Customer Passion Point Limited and Adjunct Faculty and Resource Person at Pan Atlantic University and Lagos Business School respectively.


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