Consumer attention is now scarce commodity – expert

By Abimbola Mohammed

Attention is a scarce commodity and one of the challenges marketers face today because it is so easy to get overpowered and drown out in the abyss and chaos that is modern content.

In the just concluded webinar organized by MarketingWeek and Vemo, the need to develop and  provide creative solutions to capture, keep, and convert audience attention at every stage of customer journey using interactive video as the act of storytelling to retain the attention was emphasised upon.

Speaking on interactive video as a key element modern marketers should implement in their strategy to convert audience attention, Marrisa Ke, Interactive Video expert at Vemo, said: “A prominent part of our marketing strategy over the years and what we are seeing now and talking about today is that traditional video has to evolve to meet the new sort of viewers where they’re. And it really must have marketers that want to stand out among the noise and grab people’s attention.

“People see on the average like five to ten thousand advertising messages a day from brands and like everything else around them in the society. So, when we put something out there we’re somehow hoping that viewers see our messages and we call in and then somehow take action and video in particular has always been a passive activity. But when you add interactivity to the mix, you’re actually giving the viewers opportunity to lean forward and involve not like passive watchers but actual participants to your message and your story i.e. like having a two-way dialogue audience and you are learning just as much from them as they from you.”

Continuing, Ke said: “Aside including interactive content into the video, you can also add a piece of educational material that you want to retain about your brand. You can also allow them to watch in and sort of choose your adventure experience by recommending products for them based on their choices. Interactive also has great behavioural metrics as opposed to just a passive view count so you can definitively say you know the percentage of audience that prefers one product over another and this data helps you evolve your entire marketing process.”

“Interactive videos are very thoughtful and in the way that they lead viewers to make decisions and actions that really match up with the exact outcome the brand wants to drive,” she added.



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