Jumia partners top brands to open online store

Jumia has unveiled an online store in partnership with other top brands in Lagos.

Speaking during the launch, Jumia Nigeria Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Juliet Anammah, said the Jumia Mall was dedicated to various brands on the website.

She said: “This website helps consumers to find products that are 100 per cent authentic, to enjoy a return policy of 15 days on the platform, as well as a warranty on every product.

“Consumers can also enjoy faster delivery because those brands have their products seated in our warehouse, and we are able to provide those products to consumers as fast as possible.

“This means that anyone who has a shop can sell their products on the website.  People can browse and go directly to a particular brand section that they desire just the same way they go into a regular physical mall.

“So, this is the same way we have a dedicated space on the website where they can access those brands directly. It means that if the brands are running an offer, they will find it offline as well as online. So the rest of the website is the marketplace.

“We also have other things on the websites such as Jumia Global, which are items coming from abroad that can be found on this space as well.

“So, if they want to go to the brand stores they go to Jumia Mall, and if they want to see the assortment coming from abroad they go to Jumia Global, but if they want to see the other products coming from small shops, then they can browse on the regular categories on the Jumia website.”

Head of Mobile Category, Jumia Nigeria, Kolawole Osinowo, said the first thing that the firm has done with Jamal Mall was to ensure that the products coming in were either coming from the brands directly or from the authorised distributor or reseller.


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