Coca-Cola introduces Coca-Cola spiced and spiced zero sugar

By Abimbola Mohammed

The giant carbonated drink company Coca-Cola is adding new flavours to its portfolio by introducing Coca-Cola spiced and Coca-Cola spiced zero sugar, the first permanent offering in over three years.

According to the company, the two new flavour drinks will go on sale on February 19th, in Canada and USA. The drinks will be available in most national retail stores across a variety of sizes and packaging formats, including 12 ounce cans, ten-packs of mini cans, and two-liter bottles.

Despite the name, those sensitive to spicy foods need not be intimidated by the new flavour. In a fact sheet, the brand makes clear that “Coca-Cola Spiced is not spicy,” while simultaneously describing it as “Coke’s boldest tasting brand innovation yet.”

Rather than a capsaicin-heavy assault on taste buds, the new addition seems to be a blend of the novel and familiar. The company described the Spiced flavor as blending “the iconic taste of Coca-Cola with a burst of refreshing notes from raspberry and spiced flavors.”

The branding and packaging for Coca-Cola Spiced was designed to be in line with the Coca-Cola master brand’s visual identity, while adding a “swirl made up of raspberry-inspired colors” to the trademark red color long associated with the soda. “Coca-Cola” is prominently featured in bold font on both varieties, in white for Coca-Cola Spiced, and black for Coca-Cola Spiced Zero Sugar.

Coca-Cola developed the new flavour based on insights on evolving consumer preferences. According to the company, there has been a 124% increase among consumers in willingness to incorporate spice in beverages since 2019, as well as a 25% increased interest in raspberry soft drinks over the course of the last four years. The company also cited “over 5 million” raspberry servings poured from its Coca-Cola Freestyle machines just in 2022.

Coke has been exploring ways to get younger drinkers excited about its signature cola.


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