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When marketing meets science fiction

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers enormous potential, but what about the ethical challenges? Ethics should play a much larger role in marketing than it does. It sits behind everything we do. Operating at the intersection between business, human decision-making and creativity, we should continually be examining our impact on the world. As Rory Sutherland puts it, […]

COVID-19 is testing the intangible bonds of trust that make advertising ecosystem work

Complexity is built into the fabric of digital advertising and, in my view, the stunning success of Walled Gardens is largely a reflection of how they have solved for that problem. By combining premium supply, unparalleled scale, and native buying, optimization, and measurement tools into easy self-serve experiences, Walled Gardens have created islands of simplicity […]

Investing in digitisation will drive economic growth in today’s new reality powered by Mastercard

While countries and cultures around the world may differ in many aspects, they are united in their quest for economic growth. As we gradually transition into a post-COVID-19 world, this will become even more of a reality. Amidst the resurgence of economic activities, will be hopes for inclusive growth, an improved standard of living, lower […]

Leveraging gatekeepers to achieve strategic PR objectives

The word ‘gatekeeper’ in the discourse of Public Relations generally refers to the media. While this may be true in certain circumstances, in my sojourn in the practice spanning internal communications, community relations, government relations, media relations and crisis management, gate keeping transcends the media. A gatekeeper, according to Wikipedia, is anyone who blocks the […]