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The leverageable factors of BIG Tech

By Ndubuisi Ekekwe “When Google bought YouTube, they could compete against the dominant player in video, which was the cable industry. When Amazon bought Whole Foods, they could compete against Kroger’s and Walmart. When Facebook bought WhatsApp, we could compete against telcos who used to charge 10 cents a text message, but not anymore.Now people […]

Should your brand self-isolate during a pandemic?

At this uncertain time when businesses are cost-cutting and marketers are being tasked with reassessing their marketing campaigns, many marketing departments are questioning whether they should continue with the planned advertising campaigns and risk being seen as insensitive to the current situation or go dark when customers are looking for familiarity and stability? History shows […]

Why the customer should be at the centre of your digital transformation efforts

Digital transformation, at its core, has always been about future-proofing businesses for survival in increasingly digital economies. Unlike most of life, which has been turned on its head during the COVID-19 crisis, digital transformation remains the same, only with the future businesses were preparing for, much closer. Just as before March 2020, the two main […]

The rise of Gen-Z in influencer marketing

We’re looking at a generation of the next big disruptors, where the vast majority can’t imagine what the world would be like if social media didn’t exist. They are connected to the beat of the online world; to friends, businesses and have access to a plethora of information instantaneously. They are tech-savvy, know exactly what […]