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Brands must dismantle the obstacles to creative effectiveness

Marketing and creative teams shouldn’t be ‘task takers’, but strategic business partners. Here’s how brands can optimise their effectiveness. I’ve spent a lot of time listening to fellow creatives over the last year – from mingling with (and presenting to) thousands of creatives at Adobe MAX, to interviewing creative leaders for a mini-documentary about dealing […]

Marketing with purpose: 3 Strategies to ignite customer passion

This year has certainly challenged all marketing leaders. Economic uncertainty, health and safety concerns and inequality and social injustice have changed the dialogue brands are having with people, and what people expect from those brands. For some marketers, priorities have changed from growing to surviving – the journey they’ve created for their customers must be […]

Why brands must change their media plans to have diverse and competitive content

According to the market research company eMarketer, Facebook and Google will receive 60.7% of all US digital ad spending in 2020, a period mired in controversies about misinformation and hate speech. Advertisers are doing very little to support diversifying offerings with their ad spending, offerings that offer the positive content people are craving. Many people […]