Besense excites students with “Healthy Beginnings, Happy Future” campaign

By Felicia Nwosu

It was a fun-filled and delightful moment at the prestigious Queen’s College, Yaba, Lagos, as Goonite Hygiene Company, makers of Besense Sanitary Pads and Lebrace Baby Diaper excited and enlightened students with its “Healthy Beginnings, Happy Future Campaign”.

The company through the campaign put smile on the faces of over 3500 people, including teachers of the notable college giving out its products.

It was more exciting for the students as they had an emotional encounter with Besense brand ambassador, Destiny Etiko, a choice the company said was inspired by her quest to strive for perfection as well as her taste for quality which also aligns with Goonite’s vision.

Speaking at the Queen’s College Assembly Ground, John Jiang, Managing Director, Goonite Hygiene, revealed that the campaign is aimed at promoting and nurturing feminine hygiene as healthy beginnings lead to happy future.

“Today, we are here doing some charitable donations to the schools because of the demand of the health of hygiene, secondary school students desperately need products of high quality and good initiative like this. For those students, I hope that you can learn to protect the hygiene from the very beginning because, happy beginning, happy future. So, let’s embrace the future together with the production of Besense sanitary pad and Labrace baby diapers.

“Queens College, as you step into life’s grand adventure, remember that Besense has your back. It’s not just about the product; it’s about nurturing healthy beginnings that lead to those ever-so-wonderful and happy futures.”

He urged them to picture Besense as their personal superhero swooping in with comfort whenever they need it. He noted that it has a promise that conveys reliability is therefore beyond the everyday sanitary pad.

Jiang explained that beyond offering consumers premium and enduring quality products, it is also fostering collaboration with individuals and NGOs whose vision also align with theirs.

“Now, what’s the secret sauce that makes Besense so extraordinary? It’s not just about the comfort; it’s designed with your health and confidence in mind. From its soft embrace to its superhero powers against leaks, Besense is on a mission to make your days a little smoother. Trust me, it makes total sense to stick with Besense.”

The elated Managing Director expressed optimism over  consumers’ response since its launch into the market.

“It is like having a reliable best friend that is always there, always supportive, and definitely not missing in action when you need it the most. Besense is available in the market, consumers like the cottony feeling of the surface and also very ultra-thin. It stays over 8 to 12 hours protection.

“We have different options for the day use and for the night use. And also we have the panty liners available. It is like a combination of choice for all the customers and users. What makes Besense sanitary pack different from many other packs in the market is because we pay attention to the quality control and we always use the best raw materials from global resource.”

The innovative and future thinking Managing Director said aside being a pan-Nigerian product that the products went through extensive and cutting-edge quality control in during its development.

“We have a lab where we test all the pieces made from the machines every day to ensure that every single piece going to the market meets the standard. With permission from National Food and Drug Administration Control, NAFDAC, as the standardization agency, we got a full certificate which is 100% guaranteed to protect the health and the basic needs of the people. We cannot exaggerate the effect of the affordability.

Describing Goonite as a consumer-centric company, Jolaoluwa Ademola, Country Manager, Goonite Hygiene, attested that the leading company is leveraging cutting edge technology to create immeasurable value for its teeming consumers.

“We are creating values to ensure they get it at a good price for them to enjoy. When you consider the economy of the country well, we provide a kind of product that can even meet the need of every size of pocket whether it’s the Besense sanitary pads or Lebrace Diaper, they are all affordable. We are looking at the economic trend and making sure that we are running with it. Goonite is here to celebrate the ladies,” he stated.

The brand ambassador, Destiny Etiko while reaffirming that Besense and Lebrace are premium quality products, said they are positioned to disrupt the sanitary segment of Nigeria’s market by giving its consumers desired confidence and extreme comfort while ensuring their well-being.

The theme of the campaign, “Healthy Beginnings, Happy Futures,” speaks volumes about the journey we’re all on a journey toward wellness and prosperity. Imagine this: healthy beginnings paving the way for incredibly happy futures. It all starts with something as fundamental as taking care of ourselves, especially during moments that might seem a little challenging.”

Stating some of the unique selling point of the products, the multi-talented actor said, “Its uniqueness and outstanding quality lies with the fact that there is no fear for leakage due to high absorption level,   it contains extra natural mint for freshness that repels unpleasant smell, as well as its affordability and accessibility because it come in a variety of sizes.”

Both the school management and its students also expressed their profound gratitude to the company describing it as the company that consumers should watch out for in the nearest future for its enduring distinct quality.

Speaking on behalf of the students, Aynor Daniella Ebubechukwu said she and her mates were impressed and inspired with the company’s pay-off-line which revolves around the well-being of the girl-child.

“I feel really happy. I love the way they brought in their campaign strategy to advertise products, especially how their product slogan anchors on healthy beginnings, happy future campaign, meaning that, happy health in the beginning ends in happy future. Goonite understands that every girl child deserves to have a healthy beginning with a happy future.. I really love the exposure they gave us today.”

The girls were also taught some practical tips on how to use sanitary pads and maintain personal hygiene. Besense sanitary pad and Lebrace baby diapers are products of Goonite Hygiene Company, a manufacturing company based in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos.


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