ARCON CONFAB 2023: Information Minister tasks IMC professionals to be growth catalysts for national socio-economic reforms

By Abimbola Mohammed

The Honourable Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, has urged the integrated marketing communication professionals to be the catalyst of amplification for government policies toward the betterment of the country.

The minister, who was represented by Mallam Lanre Issa-Onilu, Director-General, National Orientation Agency (NOA), added that MARCOM professionals have an immense amount of power and influence over the minds and opinions of the populace. He, therefore, noted that they should use their influence to shape hearts and minds to believe in government policies.

He made this submission at the ongoing National Advertising Conference (NAC) 2023, organized by Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) with the theme: “Marketing Communication as an Enabler of National Transformation”. The event is held at the Bolton White event center in Abuja.

His words: “As marketing communications professionals, you wield an immense amount of power and influence. This power is one that as you all know comes with great responsibility. To whom much is given, it is said, much is expected. It is against this backdrop that I am expressing my delight that this year’s theme is focused on the role of marketing communications as an enabler of national transformation. It is a direct acknowledgement of the power and responsibility of your professional calling to facilitate the transformation that Nigeria requires and deserves.”

The minister noted that Nigeria has a President who is very determined to be an agent of transformation for the country that has been blessed with incredible natural and human resources. He said that the administration needs all the support it can get at this time to help build a better Nigeria.

“Now, this is where the advertising and integrated marketing communications industry comes in. We need your creative solutions and approaches, we need your unparalleled network, we need your platforms. This is not about propaganda or noise-making, no! Instead, it is about enlightenment, sensitization, about opening the eyes of Nigerians to see the various economic opportunities emerging around them,” he said.

Speaking on opportunities that the government has made available for Nigerians in terms of loan and grants, he said, “If the people and businesses who are meant to benefit from the loans and grants and cash transfers are not aware, how will they benefit? How can we mobilize Nigerians in an inspiring and hopeful fashion? How can we awaken people to their rights and responsibilities as citizens of Nigeria?

“You as marketing communications professionals have credible answers to these questions, and are thus well positioned to serve as catalysts of Nigeria’s social and economic transformation.”

The minister also noted that, on the government’s part, it has pledged and is committed to making information available in a timely and credible manner.

“I have always said that as Minister of Information and National Orientation, I will strive to do my work with utmost openness and integrity. As we make the information available with transparency and credibility, I ask that you as communications professionals rally around to help us convey that information without sensationalism or distortion. Help us to take the messages of hope, sacrifice, opportunity and patience to every nook and cranny of the country. Help us amplify the message that, while some policy decisions may be painful in the short-term, they will yield economic rewards and prosperity over time,” he concluded.


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